Alec Baldwin the Sopranos

Alec Baldwin was never on The Sopranos – but, like many actors, he wanted to be. And he wanted a very specific job: to kill (or whack, as they say) Tony Soprano. Thankfully, no one took Baldwin up on his offer, because having Alec Baldwin show up to murder Tony Soprano would be a little weird. But during an appearance on the Talking Sopranos podcast, hosted by Sopranos veterans Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa, Baldwin recounted how he made the folks behind The Sopranos an offer they could very easily refuse.

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Many Saints of Newark Michael Gandolfini

The Many Saints of Newark will bring viewers back to the world of The Sopranos, and bring back many of the groundbreaking show’s characters in the process. But since Many Saints is a prequel, all of those familiar characters are being played by different, younger actors. And perhaps the most interesting cast member is Michael Gandolfini, son of the late James Gandolfini. The younger Gandolfini is playing none other than Tony Soprano, the character his father made famous all those years ago. Now, he’s talking about how he prepared for the role. It wasn’t easy.

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many saints of newark release date

The Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark has a new release date, again. The movie, which takes place during Tony Soprano’s younger days in 1960s and 1970s in Newark, New Jersey, was originally slated to arrive in theaters in 2020. Of course, the coronavirus got in the way, and the release was pushed to March 2021. Now, Warner Bros. has gone ahead and pushed the movie again – this time to September, where it will open in theaters and hit HBO Max on the same day.

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Austin Powers in Goldmember Opening

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, Austin Powers franchise director Jay Roach takes a look back at the making of the star-studded, blockbuster-inspired opening sequence from Austin Powers in Goldmember. Plus, an undercover FBI agents fact checks movies and TV shows about mobsters like The Departed and The Sopranos, and comedian Norm Macdonald tries out some new stand-up material about coronavirus over in Los Angeles. Read More »

michael gandolfini

The Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark is bringing back Tony Soprano – as a much younger man. The late, great James Gandolfini played the now-iconic role of the unstable mob boss, and when it came time to find a younger Tony, Sopranos creator David Chase made a surprising – but logical – choice: Gandolfini’s son Michael. Now, Michael Gandolfini has revealed he had never watched The Sopranos before and had to do so in order to take over his late father’s part.

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sopranos prequel movie cast leslie odom jr

What’s that? You thought casting on the Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark was over and done with? Think again! Leslie Odom Jr., who won a Tony award for playing Aaron Burr in Hamilton, is the latest name to climb aboard the movie. As has been the case for most of the casting surrounding this film, Odom Jr.’s role is being kept a secret. More on the Sopranos prequel movie cast below.

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sopranos prequel movie release date

The Sopranos prequel movie now has an official release date – and a new title. Once thought to be retitled as simply Newark, the movie has the official previous title of The Many Saints of Newark. And you can expect to see it in theaters in the fall of 2020. Sopranos creator David Chase wrote the film, with Sopranos series director Alan Taylor at the helm. The Many Saints of Newark is set in the 1960s, and will feature younger versions of several Sopranos characters. More on the Sopranos prequel movie release date (and new title) below.

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sopranos prequel cast john magaro

The Sopranos prequel cast keeps growing, and this time, it’s added a familiar face from David Chase‘s past career. John Magaro, who starred in the Chase-directed 2012 movie Not Fade Away, is the latest addition to the impressive line-up. As is the case with most of the cast, we have no idea who he’s playing. Magaro has credits in films such as The Big Short, Carol, and can currently be seen on Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

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sopranos prequel movie cast ray liotta

Ray Liotta is going back to his mob movie roots. The GoodFellas actor is the latest name to join the Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark. There’s no word on who Liotta is playing, but there’s a full-circle element to this casting. Back when The Sopranos was still in development, Liotta was considered to play the lead of Tony Soprano. The actor turned the part down, however, because he wanted to focus on films. The role eventually went to James Gandolfini, and the rest is TV history.

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the sopranos prequel cast

Michael Gandolfini will be stepping into his late father’s shoes to play the younger version of James Gandolfini‘s most iconic role. The Deuce actor will be starring as a young Tony Soprano in The Many Saints of Newark, the prequel film to The Sopranos, David Chase’s seminal HBO crime drama series. Gandolfini will be joining a cast that already includes Cory Stoll, Jon Bernthal, and Vera Farmiga.

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