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rogue one changes

Plenty of movies get changed on the way from the page to the big screen, but few perhaps as drastically (or infamously) as Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The standalone Star Wars film went through dramatic changes in the summer of 2016, which saw significant plot points dropped and whole scenes that appeared in the trailer not show up in the finished film. We don’t know the full extent of the Rogue One changes, but Rogue One co-writer Chris Weitz is here to enlighten us on what the original film script looked like

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Toy Story 4 - Toy Story Fan Theory

When the first teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 arrived, we were introduced to Forky, the latest addition to the roster of characters in the franchise from Pixar Animation. However, unlike the rest of the toys that Bonnie inherited from Andy at the end of Toy Story 3, Forky wasn’t really a toy. He’s a spork that Bonnie made into a toy by adding some googly eyes, wonky pipe cleaner arms, eyebrows and a mouth made from clay, and feet made from a popsicle stick split in two.

At first, the introduction of Forky seemed like an interesting concept that allowed the Toy Story franchise to dive into thought-provoking areas regarding existentialism and identity. But when the new Toy Story 4 trailer actually showed Bonnie making Forky while at daycare, I realized that this introduces a horrifying new concept into the Toy Story franchise that could make this world as terrifying and perplexing as that of Cars. Read More »

New MoviePass Subscriptions

Somehow MoviePass is still a thing that exists. After a long history of constantly changing subscription plans and the rules users had to follow in order to be able to use it, not to mention the significant loss of money and severe hits to their reputation, you would think MoviePass would be dead. Instead, the service is going back to its roots by bringing back their movie-per-day subscription plan.

But of course, since this is MoviePass we’re talking about, there’s a catch. Read More »

(This post contains spoilers for season 1 of Star Wars Resistance.)

Like its spiritual animated predecessors, Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars, Star Wars Resistance complements the Star Wars movie trilogies. In this case, it’s the Sequel Trilogy, with a tale of underdogs fighting their battles in other corners of the galaxy. This time, creator Dave Filoni and his team tells this story in a lighter cell-shaded palette than other Lucasfilm Animation productions.

Resistance begins with Poe Dameron, a star of the Sequel Trilogy, installing the hotshot pilot Kazuda Xiono (Christopher Sean) into a Resistance spying mission on the Colossus, a fueling and racing station located on an isolated ocean planet. As a blundering young adult from a privileged background, Kaz has trouble acclimating into his blue-collar mechanic employment as he keeps an eye on the First Order’s takeover of the platform.

Resistance takes its time to gain altitude. After lagging with low-impact episodes focused on Kaz, “The High Tower” finally anchors Resistance to a consistent tone of levity mixed in with comedy. From then on, even stand-alone lighthearted episodes like “Bibo” and “Platform Classic,” where the events don’t have much long-term impact, tended to stick the landing. Resistance’s strongest episodes lets its ensemble cast interact, harkening to the found family themes that made Rebels strong.

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new transformers movies

The Transformers universe is about to get a whole lot sexier. According to franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, new Transformers movies might introduce a love story between Transformers – because sure, why not? What else is there left to do with this series but have two giant robots cuddling up and getting busy? They could even play some Barry White music from their car radios. And when they kiss…sparks could fly. Literally. This writes itself, people.

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stranger things 3 teaser footage

Want your first look at official Stranger Things 3 footage? Today’s your lucky day! Sort of! A new Stranger Things 3 teaser has just been unleashed, and it features…some rats. There’s not a lot here, but it’s clearly shot in a way that suggests it is indeed footage from the new season, and likely teasing a trailer to come. It’s not much, but if you’ve been craving that Stranger content, it’s better than nothing.

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Ewoks TV show

Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ is going to be home to all sorts of original Star Wars content, from live-action shows to animated series. Confirmed shows include The Mandolorian, a series about Rogue One character Cassian Andor, and a new animated Clone Wars. Then there are rumors about a series involving Solo character Qi’ra, and even a potential Obi Wan series. Now we have yet another rumored series to add to the pile: a show about Ewoks! Yes, those furry freedom fighters who love to dance, sing and murder stormtroopers, might be getting their own TV show. Details are extremely vague at the moment, but that won’t stop us from speculating!

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New Toy Story 4 Cast Members

A new Toy Story 4 trailer just arrived, finally keying us into the story that Woody, Buzz and the whole gang find themselves in when Bonnie takes them all on a family road trip. This adventure mostly belongs to Woody (Tom Hanks) as he tries to convince Bonnie’s new makeshift toy Forky (a spork with googly eyes, pipecleaner arms, popsicle stick feet and a clay mouth, voiced by Tony Hale) to accept his life as a toy.

After falling out of the moving RV, Woody and Forky try to find their way back to Bonnie, but there’s a bit of a detour. Woody spots his old girlfriend Bo Peep (Annie Potts) in the window of an antique shop, and she opens up his world to the possibility of having an existence where he doesn’t have to dedicate his life to being just a toy. That also means Woody is meeting a bunch of new toys out in the world beyond Bonnie’s house, and Pixar has announced the voice cast bringing them to life.  Read More »

disney buys fox

Nearly two years after Disney’s multi-billion dollar deal to acquire key entertainment assets from 21st Century Fox was announced, the Disney-Fox acquisition has been completed to the tune of $71.3 billion. The acquisition wil become effective at 12:02 a.m. Eastern Time March 20, 2019.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

As it pertains to comic book movies, the name Zack Snyder can be a rather contentious one. Snyder’s filmography reads like a wish list of Hollywood adaptations that a reader of Wizard: The Guide to Comics could have only meekly fantasized about back in the 1990s. 300, Watchmen, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, Justice League. If you fired up Doctor Doom’s time platform and traveled to a convention floor in the past, carrying an envelope with only those five titles credited to the same director, fans would think you had come bearing tidings of a John-Connor-like movie messiah for comic book nerds.

Whatever you make of the actual end products that resulted from Snyder’s efforts, the fact that he or anyone was able to marshal big-budget attempts at bringing such properties to life is surely a dream come true by ‘90s geek standards. Before his cinematic M.O. ever became linked to the all-important subject of comic book movies, however, Snyder was a director with a background in music videos who would cross over into feature filmmaking with a remake of George Romero’s 1978 zombie film Dawn of the Dead.

Snyder’s version of Dawn of the Dead hit theaters on March 19, 2004. In this movie, the characters aren’t superheroes or Spartan warriors with washboard abs. They’re everyday people thrust together in an extraordinary situation. That dose of humanity at once makes Dawn of the Dead more down-to-earth and relatable than any CGI-laden superhero slugfest. With a screenplay by James Gunn, who would also go on to become a key figure in the comic book movie genre with Guardians of the Galaxy, this is Snyder’s most street-level film. It’s also his best. 

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