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Heaven's Gate The Cult of Cults Trailer

People love cults. There are numerous reasons why, but it can’t be denied that it’s very easy for some individuals to get swept up in that cult mentality – be it Jim Jones, Scientology, the Rajneeshpuram community, the Branch Davidians, or Trumpism. And sadly, more often than not, cults can end in disaster and death. Such was the case with Heaven’s Gate, a group founded in the 1970s by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The members of Heaven’s Gate believed they were destined to leave Earth and ascend on a spaceship to another world, and in 1997, things came to a horrific end when 39 members of the group died in a mass suicide. The Heaven’s Gate story is chronicled in the new HBO Max docuseries Heaven’s Gate: The Cult of Cults. Watch the trailer below.

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mank trailer

November 2020, arguably the most stressful month in a year of stressful month, is almost at an end. Which means it’ll soon be December, and we’ll all be in holiday mode while also wondering what fresh hell awaits us. But there’s one thing we can do to distract ourselves from reality: watch stuff on Netflix. And as is always the case, a new month brings new Netflix titles. so here are the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in December 2020.

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Mr. Mayor Trailer

The line-up of new shows for the 2020-2021 television season isn’t much to write home about thanks to the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc on television production workflow. But there is one new show that we’re keeping our fingers crossed for since it hails from 30 Rock creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, and the first trailer for it has finally arrived.

Mr. Mayor follows Ted Danson as he tries to win over the people of Los Angeles as the city’s new mayor. But he faces some pretty stiff opposition in the form of Holly Hunter, who seems to have nothing but contempt and scorn for his election. Watch the Mr. Mayor trailer below for a peek at the series. Read More »

LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special Trailer

On the November 25, 2020 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall, weekend editor Brad Oman, senior writer Ben Pearson and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss what they’ve been up to at the Water Cooler.

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One Day at a Time canceled again

The people involved with Norman Lear‘s TV reboot of the classic sitcom One Day at a Time must be feeling a sense of deja vu, because twenty months after Netflix pulled the plug on the show, Pop TV has now done the same thing.

But just like the last time it was canceled, the showrunners aren’t giving up hope. There’s still a chance the two-time Emmy-winning series could find a new network home and continue on with a fifth season.
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clifford the big red dog teaser

You can’t fault Clifford The Big Red Dog for being exactly what it says on the tin. At least, according to the first teaser for the upcoming family film, which features…a big, red dog. The live-action Paramount movie based on the beloved Scholastic book character, Clifford The Big Red Dog brings Clifford to the real world, where — surprise! — he looks a little weird.

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Wonder Woman 1984 release date

Last week, WarnerMedia made the surprising and unprecedented decision to release Patty Jenkins‘ highly anticipated superhero sequel Wonder Woman 1984 into theaters on Christmas Day and also simultaneously release it on HBO Max in the United States. (I say “unprecedented” because this is the first time a mega-budgeted superhero film will be put straight onto a streaming service and subscribers will not be charged extra to watch it.)

But when will you get to see the movie if you’re not in the U.S.? And if you are in the States, exactly how long will you need to be on guard to dodge spoilers? Check out a list of the international Wonder Woman 1984 release dates below.
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The Mandalorian Documentary Series Season 2

Along with the excitement of the first live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian arriving last year, fans were treated to a bonus with a full-fledged making-of documentary series called Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian. It sounds like Disney will continue the behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as a second season of the documentary appears to be slated to debut after the second season finale, giving fans a nice little Christmas present. Read More »

Superintelligence Featurette

The first thing you should know about the new film Superintelligence is that it’s being distributed by the WarnerMedia empire. Second, you should know that WarnerMedia does not have ownership in The Late Late Show with James Corden, though the very existence of Superintelligence would seem to imply otherwise. Ostensibly, this comedy is about an average citizen being thrown into a situation where only she can save humanity from a mysterious artificial intelligence. But Superintelligence is weirdly committed to convincing its audience that James Corden is so great and likable and funny, an argument that gets harder to believe as the film goes on.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Katee Sackhoff Interview for The Mandalorian

Katee Sackhoff made her triumphant return to Star Wars by reprising her role as Bo-Katan Kryze in live-action for the first time in a recent episode of The Mandalorian. Though we got the jump on the character’s move from the animated side of Star Wars to live-action, seeing Bo-Katan fly into action wearing her full Mandalorian armor was quite a treat.

/Film was pleased to chat with Katee Sackhoff about the thrill and challenges that came with bringing Bo-Katan to life in a more complete way after she only previously voiced the character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Plus, we asked whether she has held the Darksaber, and how much she knows about what Bo-Katan has been up to in the years before The Mandalorian.

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