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tom cruise space movie director

Tom Cruise has found a filmmaker to accompany him to outer space: Doug Liman. Liman, who directed Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow and American Made, is now on board the still-untitled Tom Cruise space movie that plans to really shoot in space, with the help of Elon Musk’s Space X and NASA. In fact, Liman has been involved since the beginning, coming up with the idea with Cruise and even penning the first draft of the script.

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Tenet Plane Crash

While the world waits to see if Christopher Nolan‘s new film Tenet will actually make it to theaters in July, part of the usual marketing blitz is still happening thanks to magazines who need to publish the stories they planned out months in advance. In this case, not only are we getting a handful of new Tenet photos, but we’re learning that director Christopher Nolan actually crashed a real 747 airplane for a key action sequence in the movie. But not from the sky. It’s not quite that dramatic. Read More »

HBO Max vs HBO Go

HBO Max launches this week – tomorrow, to be exact – and people are still not quite sure how it works. Is the new streaming service the same thing as HBO? Or HBO Go? Or HBO Now? Sensing the confusion in the air, the folks at HBO released a new explainer video that details the differences while hopefully putting all questions to bed.

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indiana jones 5 something new

For the first time ever, someone other than Steven Spielberg is directing an Indiana Jones movie. Spielberg was initially on board to direct Harrison Ford in his final outing as the adventuring archeologist in Indiana Jones 5. But the project kept getting delayed and pushed back due to script rewrites and other issues, and Spielberg decided to hand the sequel over to someone unexpected – James Mangold, director of Logan, Ford v Ferrari, and more. While the release of Indiana Jones 5 is still a few years away, Mangold is opening up about his new approach to this iconic property.

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suicide squad director's cut

This is the world we live in now: if you are loud enough about demanding a director’s cut on Twitter, it will come. After the mythic Snyder Cut earned its triumphant victory with an HBO Max release in 2021, the floodgates have opened for directors who want their original visions to be shown to rabid fans. The latest filmmaker to join the director’s cut train is David Ayer, whose 2016 comic book film Suicide Squad was famously subjected to long reshoots and re-edits. Ayer revealed that is “Ayer Cut” of Suicide Squad would be “easy to complete” and “incredibly cathartic” to release.

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dark season 3 trailer

Dark is about to wrap-up its time-bending story with its third and final season. The hit German series arrives on Netflix this June, bringing about the “final cycle” and promising to answer any lingering questions. The new season premiere date was announced in a new Dark season 3 trailer, which you can watch below in all its creepy glory.

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Snyder Cut Justice League

According to WarnerMedia chairman and HBO Max head Bob Greenblatt, the infamous Snyder Cut of Justice League “does not exist.” Yet. But as was revealed last week, HBO Max is going to be providing funding so Snyder can make a finalized version, and one report claimed the new streamer would be spending $30 million to make that happen.

But in a new interview, Greenblatt suggests it will cost much more than that to complete, and calls the new version “a radical rethinking of that movie” and says it will be “wildly expensive.” Read his full quotes below.
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Indiana Jones 5 Starts Shooting

Indiana Jones 5 feels like one of those movies we’ve been hearing about for over a decade now, but it never seems like it’s actually going to happen. Harrison Ford going to be nearly 80 by the time the movie gets in front of cameras and the coronavirus pandemic is probably going to make it much more difficult to get a blockbuster of that scale off the ground anytime soon. But franchise producer Frank Marshall doesn’t appear to be worried about the next installment of the Indiana Jones franchise, especially with director James Mangold taking over the reins from Steven SpielbergRead More »

Casper at 25

The image of a ghost conjures menacing motives and lingering negativity that can harm the otherwise safe, living person. However, a morbid fascination with the afterlife hovers over our culture and has remained present throughout time. This spiderweb of spooky intrigue is intricately woven into our traditions through a facade of cute Halloween decor and scary movies audiences can enjoy from a comfortable distance to make sense of what we wish to understand and accept the most: death. 

A refreshing and innovative perspective on phantoms arrived in 1939 with Casper the Friendly Ghost, a young and relentlessly kind protagonist desperate for a friend and longing to be accepted by people who are otherwise scared of his spectral presence. Adapted from a storybook into a Noveltoon in 1945 released by Paramount and comic book appearances first in 1949 by St. John Publications, and later in 1952 by Harvey Comics, the friendly ghost has grown into a robust franchise. It wasnt until 1995 with Universal Picturesrelease of Casper that the backstory of the lovable character was fleshed out (pun intended). Directed by Brad Silberling, the film features revolutionary CGI animation, contains mature themes of friendship and grief, and serves as a perfect primer for childrens introduction to the horror genre. 

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Star Wars: The High Republic Delayed

Earlier this year, back when the future was virus-free and full of promise, Lucasfilm announced a major new publishing initiative called Star Wars: The High Republic. Set 200 years before the Skywalker saga began in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, the multi-year program will span books and comics that follow an era when Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order are at the height of their power, serving as true guardians of peace and justice around the galaxy. The High Republic was intended to launch in August with two books, and a third following in October, but now they’ve all been delayed to early 2021. Read More »