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surviving joe exotic

Nearly four months after Tiger King took the Netflix-viewing world by storm, Joe Exotic is still a curiosity for viewers. The exotic animal zookeeper’s big personality and troubling practices have dominated headlines for much of 2020, often overshadowing the actual animals and creatures that the Netflix docuseries initially set out to cover. Now an Animal Planet documentary is seeking to give the spotlight to the animals held at his Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, though even they can’t resist drawing viewers in by mentioning the big cat zookeeper in the title, Surviving Joe Exotic.

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scott pilgrim vs the world charity table read

In the 10 years since Scott Pilgrim vs. the World debuted in theaters to rave reviews and immediate cult classic status, its cast has only become more ridiculously famous. And while Avengers: Endgame can still boast about being the greatest crossover event in history, the upcoming Scott Pilgrim vs. the World charity table read has enough superheroes to give the Marvel film a run for its money.

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New Mutants Comic-Con Teaser

During these troubling times, people have started to wonder whether a certain mutation amongst humanity actually exists or not. Well, 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment want to reassure you that The New Mutants very much exists, and they’ve released a brand new teaser for the movie to prove it. Furthermore, there will be a Comic-Con at Home panel arriving next week with director Josh Boone and the cast of the new horror thriller from Marvel Entertainment. Read More »

Home Alone Reboot Cast - Chris Parnell and Kenan Thompson

Just because production on Hollywood movies and TV is shut down right now doesn’t mean studios have given up on developing projects that were in the works before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Though it’s not clear when production might resume, Disney+ is rounding up more cast members for the Home Alone reboot in the works for the streaming service.

The Home Alone reboot will star the charming Jojo Rabbit supporting actor Archie Yates in the lead role, and a new report confirms that he’ll be joined by Saturday Night Live alums Kenan Thompson and Chris Parnell, Toy Story 4 voice star Ally Maki, and a few more funny people. Get the full roster of new Home Alone reboot cast members below. Read More »

possessor trailer

This is going to sound like hyperbole, but I’m going for it: you’re not ready for Possessor. I caught Brandon Cronenberg‘s ultra-violent nightmare at Sundance earlier this year, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. It’s brutal, it’s horrifying, it’s truly unique. The name “Cronenberg” immediately lends itself to body horror thanks to Brandon’s famous filmmaker father. And while some will no doubt draw connections between this and the elder Cronenberg’s work, it’s a much different experience. In Possessor, Andrea Riseborough plays a woman who gets inside people’s heads – literally. Watch the Possessor trailer below.

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the sandman audio drama

It seemed like an adaptation of The Sandman was trapped in development hell for nearly as long as the titular personification of Dream was imprisoned by his captors in Neil Gaiman‘s acclaimed graphic novel series (okay, that was 70 years, but the point still stands). Multiple attempts have been made to bring Gaiman’s weird, fantastical world to the big screen, with Warner Bros. periodically planning adaptations throughout the ’90s, and writers like Roger Avary, David S. Goyer, Jack Thorne, and Eric Heisserer coming and going, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at one point set to take on the role of Morpheus. But all those attempts had fallen through, until it seemed like The Sandman was doomed to “unadaptable” status, like so many others.

Then, along came a new decade and we have not one, but two Sandman adaptations on their way. But curiously, the first-ever adaptation of The Sandman wouldn’t be a screen adaptation as fans had long expected, but an audio drama adaptation on Audible directed by renowned audio director, and frequent Gaiman collaborator, Dirk Maggs.

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Doaly Jaws Print and More Bottleneck Gallery Releases

Bottleneck Gallery is continuing their big week of pop culture art reveals in honor of the canceled San Diego Comic-Con. Even though the convention will live on virtually next week, there are a bunch of artists who were planning on releasing new prints for sale to the hordes of fans on the show floor. But now, Bottleneck Gallery is releasing them online.

Today’s line-up of prints includes Spider-Man: Homecoming by Matt Ferguson, the classic Golden Age version of Wonder Woman from Tom Whalen, the characters of Batman Beyond by Dave Perillo, a terrifying print for The Dark Knight from Jack C. Gregory, and a gorgeous Jaws print by Doaly, which provides a unique take on the classic movie poster by Roger Kastel. Check them all out below and find out when you can get them. Read More »

Bruce Lee His Greatest Hits Blu-ray

Normally, I devote this column to several new releases. But the Criterion Collection release of Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits deserves its own special consideration. There are five films included, and a hefty amount of special features. But more than that, this box set is a great introduction to what made Bruce Lee such a special performer, and why his legacy lives on to this day.

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Unfit Trailer

President Donald Trump makes headlines every day simply by posting on Twitter. But his excessive tweeting is just a small part of what makes this man a menace, not just to the United States, but the world at large.

Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump is a new documentary focusing on the behavior, psyche, condition and stability of the President of the United States of America. Is a man who lashes out irrationally at press questioning his decisions as the leader of the free world fit to be president? Should a man who can barely string a coherent sentence together without the help of a teleprompter be representing an entire country and making decisions on their behalf? Watch the Unfit trailer to see what health professionals, journalists, pundits, and even prominent Republicans have to say about his questionable behavior. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Movie: Pride and Prejudice

Where You Can Stream It: Netflix

The Pitch: As headstrong Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) faces mounting pressure from her parents to marry, she is introduced to the rich, upper-class gentleman Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfayden), who immediately insults her family and lower station. But circumstance keeps bringing them together, and both Elizabeth and Darcy must come to terms with their own stubborn natures.

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: Did you know there’s a whole community of Jane Austen fans who hate on Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice? Oh yes, they turn up their nose at the blatantly romantic movie, at the swooning score, at the “too pretty for Elizabeth Bennet” star Keira Knightley. They scoff at the movie that doesn’t capture every satirical facet of Jane Austen’s classic novel. I’ve always bristled at snooty Jane Austen fans who call Joe Wright’s Pride and Prejudice trash, stuttering out, “Well, it looks beautiful!” in response to someone who had the nerve to tell me that. But you know what, I’m here to finally stand my ground and say Wright’s Pride and Prejudice is good, actually.

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