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New Jon Stewart Show

After a five year break, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart is coming back to TV.

Stewart has reportedly signed an “expansive, multi-year deal” with Apple, and is set to serve as the host of a new current affairs series on AppleTV+ which will run for multiple seasons. Here’s what we know so far. Read More »

mondo universal monsters puzzles

It’s going to be a graveyard smash over at Mondo, who are releasing four Universal Monsters puzzles this December. The puzzles, which feature Frankenstein, The Wolf ManDracula, and Creature from the Black Lagoon, are designed by beloved poster artist Francesco Francavilla, whose classic designs have been transformed into gorgeous 1,000-piece puzzles.

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shadow force

Victoria Mahoney, the second unit director on Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is set to helm the upcoming flick Shadow Force. The Lionsgate action-drama starring Kerry Washington and Sterling K. Brown follows an estranged husband and wife who find themselves on the run from their former shadow ops unit. Leon Chills (Spinning Out) and Joe Carnahan (Narc) wrote the script.

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ginger snaps tv series

Ginger SnapsJohn Fawcett‘s coming-of-age werewolf movie, is transforming into a TV series. Sid Gentle Films, a production company behind Killing Eve, is developing the show, which will presumably follow the formula of the first film: a teenage girl becomes a werewolf around the time of her first period. The film spawned two sequels –  Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed and Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning – but the first remains the best.

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Freaky Trailer - Kathryn Newton

Sadly, there’s no Friday the 13th in October. Perhaps that’s why Universal decided to wait until November to release Freaky, their wild body swapping horror comedy starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn as a high school girl and serial killer who accidentally end up trapped in each other’s bodies. Watch the new Freaky trailer below for some (s)laughter. Read More »

Saved by the Bell trailer

I rolled my eyes hard when I first heard the news that 1980s/1990s staple Saved by the Bell was coming back with new episodes on Peacock. Did we really need another nostalgia-driven rehash of a show from another generation?

But after watching this new trailer, I’m surprised to find that I’ve warmed considerably to the concept. The reason? The trailer seems to indicate that the meta approach seen in the first teaser is not merely a couple of cute, winky jokes sprinkled throughout the series, but an actual exploration of early Saved by the Bell and its characters as seen from a more modern, inclusive perspective. Watch the new Saved by the Bell trailer below. Read More »

blumfest 2020

Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s nothing spookier than having to spend it on your own without friends and social fun. Luckily, for those who may have to stay at home this October, Blumhouse is holding the BlumFest 2020 Halloween event, bringing together the stars of Freaky, The Craft: Legacy, and of course, Halloween for a virtual fan event.

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Borat 2 Controversy

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm hasn’t even been out for an entire week, and it’s already been making waves in a variety of ways. Obviously, former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani has felt the biggest impact from the mockumentary sequel, but since he’s Donald Trump‘s lawyer, the increasingly unstable president has been inundated with questions about the scandal in question. So of course it’s prompted some verbal sparring between the petty world leader and Borat star and creator Sacha Baron Cohen. But that’s not all.

In the wake of the release of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, there’s also been a lawsuit dismissed that was filed by a family member of one of the film’s most pivotal subjects. Plus, the Kazakhstan tourism board is officially embracing one of Borat’s catchphrases as part of their marketing campaign. And finally, Sacha Baron Cohen himself has released some unseen footage in which his life was put at risk during a key sequence. Get the lowdown on all of the Borat 2 controversy and aftermath below. Read More »

A wise man once said: “If one is to understand the great mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view of the Jedi.” If you want to fully understand the epic and intricate Star Wars saga, you must embrace a larger view of the Force and you can start by embracing DK’s new sacred text, The Star Wars Book: Expand Your Knowledge of a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Written by Star Wars experts Pablo Hidalgo, Cole Horton, and Dan Zehr, this insightful examination of the ever-expanding Star Wars franchise covers 11 live-action movies, four TV shows comprising 15 seasons (and counting), video games, comics, novels, theme park experiences, and more.

Stuffed with illuminating infographics and authoritative essays, The Star Wars Book reveals the mysteries of the Star Wars galaxy — not just the characters, history, and technology of Star Wars, but how it all connects together, from 4-LOM and A-Wings to Ziro the Hutt and Zuckuss. While not technically an encyclopedia or visual dictionary, the book is divided into key subject areas for easy reading— the galaxy, science and technology, the Force, the Skywalkers, galactic governments, their dissidents, and galactic denizens.

Whether you are a devoted Star Wars fan or a casual reader curious to learn more, The Star Wars Book is an invaluable roadmap to that galaxy far, far away. Below is a sampling of some of the tome’s most interesting tidbits, including new information on the events of The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

mank cinematography

David Fincher‘s Mank is headed our way, marking Fincher’s return to feature filmmaking after 2014’s Gone Girl. The feature will see Fincher heading back to Hollywood in the 1930s, telling the story of Herman J. Mankiewicz, writer of Citizen Kane. It’s Fincher’s first movie in black and white, and in a new interview, Fincher details the work that went into not just making a black and white movie, but making a movie that’s supposed to look – and sound – old.

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