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cats butthole cut

A rumor cropped up online recently that Cats, Tom Hooper‘s huge flop featuring horny cat people introducing themselves for 110 minutes, originally had CGI buttholes on all the feline behinds. And even though Cats is already a fever-dream to begin with, we weren’t entirely sure how much credence to lend that story. Now, an intrepid journalist has done the legwork, and turned up the true story of the Cats butthole cut.

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Mondo Puzzles

Hey, are you bored at home and need something to fill those long quarantine hours? Well, Mondo is here to help – with puzzles. In the spirit of staying the hell home, Mondo has adapted some of their favorite collectible posters into puzzle form. These eight new 1000-piece puzzles feature art by 100% Soft, Matt Ryan Tobin, DKNG, and more, depicting movies like Jurassic Park, The Iron Giant, and Die Hard.

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the midnight gospel trailer

Netflix has shown that it has set no limits for how imaginative and mature its animated series can go, giving its creators free reign to go as buckwild as possible. And Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward is definitely going buckwild with his new Netflix animated series The Midnight Gospel. The first official trailer for the animated series from Ward and his frequent collaborator Duncan Trussell is a cosmic acid trip released, fittingly, in April 2020 (get it, 4/20). Watch The Midnight Gospel trailer below.

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better call saul bagman review

As good as – hell, maybe better – than any of the best of the best Breaking Bad episodes, the latest Better Call Saul is an all-timer. This is up there with “Ozymandias”, or “Crawlspace.” Or “Fly” (yes, “Fly” is one of the best Breaking Bad episodes, don’t @ me). “Bagman” seems to be a culmination of what this season is all about: destroying every last trace of Jimmy Mcgill and replacing him entirely with Saul Goodman. Like Jesus, or Moses, our hero wanders into the desert, and comes back changed.

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Hamilton Reunion

The Office and Jack Ryan star John Krasinski recently started passing some of his time in self-quarantine by hosting a web series called Some Good News. Recorded from the home office of the A Quiet Place director/star, the series highlights some uplifting stories from around the web to help drown out the hellish nightmare of news from our government and the coronavirus pandemic that is claiming lives everyday.

The first episode of Some Good News brought the wonderful surprise of The Office star Steve Carell appearing on the show for a chat, just in time for the NBC workplace comedy’s 15th anniversary. But an even more impressive reunion comes in this week’s second episode as John Krasinski assembled the entire original cast of the Broadway music Hamilton and had them perform a musical number on the video conference service Zoom, all for a little girl who missed the show due to coronavirus cancellations. Read More »

A.I. and Minority Report

(Welcome to 21st Century Spielberg, an ongoing column and podcast that examines the challenging, sometimes misunderstood 21st century filmography of one of our greatest living filmmakers, Steven Spielberg. First up: A.I. and Minority Report.)

“What if Peter Pan grew up?” pondered the tagline of Steven Spielberg’s 1991 fantasy Hook. It was an intriguing premise: what would happen if the perpetual child – the boy who refused to get older – embraced the cold, stark, finite nature of adulthood? Of course, the compelling concept of this tagline is all but forgotten in the runtime of Hook, where the adult Peter Pan quickly reverts to childhood in order to save the day. Still, what a notion!

Sometimes, life imitates art. In the 21st century, Steven Spielberg, the perpetual child – the pop culture impresario who found a way to turn childhood and nostalgia into a lucrative, highly entertaining art form – did something remarkable.

In the 21st century, Steven Spielberg grew up.

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extraction trailer

The Russo brothers’ pick of projects following their monumental run at Marvel Studios have been on the garden-variety thriller side of things. But at least they got their Marvel heroes to headline these action thrillers. Following the Chadwick Boseman-starring 21 Bridges, the Russo brothers are re-teaming with their Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth for Extraction, a crime thriller written by Joe Russo, who also produces with his brother Anthony Russo under their AGBO banner. Watch the Extraction trailer below.

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The Secret History of Hollywood

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

The Show: The Secret History of Hollywood

Where You Can Stream It: The podcasting app of your choice.

The Pitch: The Secret History of Hollywood is the most compelling, immersive, and emotional podcast I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Each season consists of deep dives into a major Hollywood figure, tracing its subject’s rise to prominence and giving incredible insight into their home lives, painting a portrait so captivating and well-rounded that biographies or books on the subject(s) could only dream to achieve.

Why It’s Essential Quarantine Listening: I’ve been thinking about this podcast a lot since I first stumbled across it several years ago, but I think it’s especially appropriate to recommend it right now because some of its episodes are incredibly lengthy – many clock in around an hour and a half, but some of them stretch to four, six, or even nine hours long. (Yes, really.) Some of you may scoff, but isn’t being in quarantine the perfect time to give a long-form podcast a chance?
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The Mandalorian Black Series Action Figure

Last week, Hasbro celebrated Star Wars Fan Appreciation Day, because every single day is a new chance for the population at large to be marketed to by major corporations. Thankfully, we’re Star Wars fans, and the announcement of new Star Wars Black Series figures is an exciting one, especially when they include a new version of The Mandalorian in Beskar armor, the respected Admiral Ackbar, a fierce Ewok warrior, and a slick carbonized version of a beloved character from The Empire Strikes Back. Read More »

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The Mandalorian Fight Scene Recreated

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, watch as stuntment recreate a fight scene from The Mandalorian with some low-rent props and visual effects in the middle of a dojo. Plus, Patrick (H) Willems, or rather some of his collaborators, put together a video essay on Labyrinth and the themes of capitalism in 1980s America, and you can get a lesson on how to draw a Walt Disney caricature. Read More »