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Over the past days, the staff at /Film has watched as the murder of George Floyd at the hands of white police officers has led to anger, protests, and our nation’s latest grapple with systemic racism. We have watched in horror, but also with hope: only so much blood can be spilled before something, anything, changes.

For this reason, the site has decided to participate in Blackout Tuesday. Aside from this post, there will be no articles on the site today. We will be spending our day ruminating on how we can be more effective allies. We invite our readers to join us, or to educate us in how we can better understand your pain and how we can help. If you want to understand the basics, this year-old article from Rachel Elizabeth Cargle does an excellent job of explaining the core of the black lives matter movement. For something more tied directly to immediate news, former President Barack Obama laid out how these current protests could lead to real change.

If you can afford it, and only if you can afford it, the following charities and causes could use your support right now. Please feel free to include more in the comments below.

I know some readers may take issue with this. “What does a movie website have to do with any of this this?” is a message I expect we’ll find in our inboxes on Wednesday morning. What a movie website has to do with this is that we stand behind the voices of our black contributors and want to amplify them. What a movie website has to do with this is that we stand behind the voices of our black readers and want to amplify them. What a movie website has to do with this is that we stand behind the voices of all black folks, whether they care about movie news or not, and want to amply them. We have decided it is irresponsible to pretend otherwise, to mask our own pain and anger, and pretend that we cannot see what is going on the streets of our country and what is happening to our fellow human beings.

We’re doing this because black lives matter.

Avengers: Infinity War Concept Art - Nick Fury Death

Are you ready for Godspeed to come to The Flash? When does Marvel get the rights to Daredevil back? What’s the status of the sixth season of Lucifer? What did Cathy Yan have to say about a Birds of Prey rumor perpetuated by an unreliable YouTuber? Which X-Men movies got canceled thanks to Disney buying Fox? When is The Batman going to resume production across the pond? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

avatar 2 david thewlis

All of Tinseltown is buzzing about Avatar, baby! The movie on everyone’s lips these days is Avatar 2, a sequel that is really happening and will really be released one day, we swear! James Cameron is currently making 500 Avatar sequels at once, and based on set pics, all the movies take place inside the YMCA swimming pool. But what else is going on in Avatar 2? What’s the hot goss from the streets of Pandora? Hollywood heartthrob David Thewlis has a juicy scoop about the sequel and he’s ready to dish!

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Social Distancig Stormtroopers in Place at Disney World

Even though Disney World in Orlando, Florida isn’t slated to reopen until July, the Disney Springs collection of shops and restaurants is back up and running. However, there are still social distancing policies in place, and in order to make sure guests adhere to the guidelines set by the Disney theme park locale, they’ve brought in First Order Stormtroopers to make sure people are keeping their distance from each other by way of some playful banter and crowd interaction. Read More »

chinese cinemas

The movie theater industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and many theaters are continuing to sustain significant body blows due to their doors being closed. In China, a new report says that as many as 40% of Chinese cinemas could be forced to permanently shut down due to the coronavirus, providing an awful preview of what may be in store for American cinemas as well.
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Space Force Season 2

Netflix released the entire first season of the new comedy series Space Force this past weekend. The debut didn’t fare too well with critics, landing only a 39% critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, as well as a disappointed review from yours truly, but the audience score is currently at 76% with over 750 ratings so far. Regardless of the reception, co-creator Greg Daniels is hoping to get a few more seasons to play around with the antics of the newest branch of the military tasked with getting boots on the moon, especially since the first season concludes with a couple big cliffhangers. Read More »

Telluride Film Festival 2020

Over the past few months, beginning with South by Southwest in March, several major film festivals have either been outright cancelled or have switched to smaller, online versions in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But as restrictions begin to lessen to varying degrees around the country, the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado has announced that the show must go on, lengthening the festival’s run by an extra day in an attempt to provide more safety for the attendees.
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the batman concept art

One of these days, we’ll all get to see The Batman, the Matt Reeves-directed reboot about everyone’s favorite billionaire crime-fighter. The production is currently on hold due to the coronavirus, but everyone involved seems ready and raring to get back to work, including Paul Dano. Dano plays the Riddler in the upcoming movie, and in a recent interview, the actor spoke about how excited he is about the whole endeavor. In addition to Dano’s comments, some early concept art of the new Batmobile has found its way online.

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The New Mutants Trilogy

It’s been a long road for the X-Men spin-off The New Mutants to make it to theaters. One of the biggest hold-ups came when 20th Century Fox was purchased by The Walt Disney Company, leaving the studio’s future theatrical releases with an uncertain future. Disney still intends to release the movie in theaters this year, but it’s anticipated to be the last remnant of Fox’s X-Men franchise. Even so, director Josh Boone is hoping the movie will be successful enough for Disney to let him complete a trilogy. Read More »

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moose jaws update new

Kevin Smith has a pile of unmade projects he’s been talking about for the last several years. One of those is Moose Jaws, a horror-comedy that was supposed to close-out his True North Trilogy, which started with Tusk and continued with Yoga Hosers. Smith hasn’t given up on Moose Jaws just yet, but he is ready to make some changes. At one point, Smith’s ever-present Jay and Silent Bob were meant to appear in the film, but now the filmmaker says he’s going through the script and removing all traces of the duo with the hopes of starting fresh.

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