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greatest beer run ever cast

The Greatest Beer Run EverPeter Farrelly‘s Green Book follow-up that reunites him with star Viggo Mortensen, just added another cast member to help out with the titular beer run. Dylan O’Brien is in negotiations to take the lead role in the film, with Mortensen set for a supporting part. O’Brien is known for Teen Wolf and also The Maze Runner franchise, so maybe they should retitle this The Greatest Maze Run Ever instead. Or not. They can do whatever they want, I don’t really care that much.

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Netflix continue watching row

So, you’ve brought someone home with the intention to “Netflix and chill.” But as you fire up your Netflix app on your iPad to find something to put on in the background, your “Continue Watching” row pops up. You try to quickly scroll past it, but it’s too late: you glance over at your would-be romantic partner and notice that they have a horrified look on their face, because they noticed that the three most recent things you watched were embarrassing as hell. So you sigh and do the only thing you can do in this terrible situation: as your would-be partner leaves, you both solemnly agree to never see each other again. Thanks a lot, Netflix.

But those were the old days. Now, Netflix has rolled out an update for users who access the app on Apple device that allows you to remove those pesky, unwanted movies and shows from your “Continue Watching” row, saving you untold amounts of future embarrassment and annoyance. Thanks a lot, Netflix! Read More »

Pen15 season 2

One of Hulu’s best original shows is coming back this fall – and then again next year.

PEN15, the hilarious series which features 30-something actresses Anna Konkle and Maya Erskine playing 13-year-old versions of themselves in junior high school opposite actual 13-year-olds, is returning for its second season later this year. But PEN15 season 2 will be split in half, with the first half of its 14-episode season premiering in September and the back half debuting sometime in 2021.

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songbird cast

Songbird, a pandemic thriller that’s beginning principal photography today (in the midst of a real pandemic), has added two new cast members. Bradley Whitford (Get Out) and Jenna Ortega (Jane the Virgin) have come on board the film, which also stars Demi Moore, Craig Robinson, Paul Walter Hauser, and Peter Stormare. The film is striving to be the first production to gear up in Los Angeles in the midst of the coronavirus, and recently ran into some trouble when SAG-AFTRA told its members to refuse to work on the film. The “do not work” order was lifted soon after.

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She Dies Tomorrow trailer

Amy Seimetz is probably best known as an actress, having appearing in things like Pet Semetary, Alien: Covenant, Stranger Things, and Upstream Color. But she’s also a writer, producer, and director who has credits behind the camera on TV shows like Atlanta and The Girlfriend Experience. Now she’s back in the director’s chair for a movie called She Dies Tomorrow, a stylish-looking indie thriller about a young woman who is convinced that she’s going to die the next day, and who begins to pass that paranoia about death to her friends and family. Read More »

Luther Movie

Before he canceled the apocalypse in Pacific Rim, actor Idris Elba was working as a Detective Chief Inspector for the Serious Crime Unit in London on the BBC series Luther. Since debuting in 2010, there have been five total seasons, though they have arrived with decreasing frequency, with the most recent fifth season arriving in 2019. Though there’s been no indication of a sixth season, Idris Elba says they’re “this close” to getting a Luther movie off the ground. Read More »

earwig and the witch us release

Studio Ghibli‘s first CG-animated film has a new U.S. distributor, a release date, and a title for American audiences. Earwig and the Witch, titled in Japan as Aya and the Witch, has been acquired by U.S. anime distributor GKIDS, which has set the film’s U.S. release date for 2021.

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into the dark

Hot on the heels of the first teaser trailer for the anticipated horror sequel Halloween Kills, Universal Pictures has shifted the release dates for both that film and its follow-up. In addition, Universal is shuffling around Blumhouse’s upcoming Candyman remake, and The Forever Purge, the next installment of The Purge franchise. Get the latest release date changes to update your depressing calendar below. Read More »


On the July 8, 2020 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and tv news, including The Wolfman, Peter Pan, Movie Theaters, Film Festivals, Halloween Kills, Ready Player Two, and Hamilton.

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Class Action Park Documentary

Back in 2018, Johnny Knoxville starred in the poorly received comedy Action Point, a movie inspired by Action Park, a real life theme park in New Jersey which was notorious for poorly designed, unsafe rides, and inexperienced and often under-the-influence staff. But now you’ll get to hear the story of Action Park from the people who survived it.

Class Action Park is a new documentary series that will take a look back at Action Park through newly unearthed and never-before-seen documents and recordings, original animations, and interviews with the people who were (un)lucky enough to be there. HBO Max has just grabbed the worldwide rights to the film, which will debut on the streaming service late this summer. Read More »