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Sandkings movie

Gore Verbinski seems to have found his next directing gig.

According to the man himself, the Pirates of the Caribbean filmmaker is attached to direct a movie adaptation of Sandkings, which is based on a novelette from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones writer George R.R. Martin. This would be the first film for Verbinski since 2016’s A Cure for Wellness, which made approximately $26 million worldwide on a reported $40 million budget. But this new project will be for Netflix, so Verbinski won’t have to deal with the same level of scrutiny that typical box office numbers would generate.
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Hello Kitty movie

Hollywood has been trying to bring the Japanese pop culture creation Hello Kitty to the big screen for years, and now the long-gestating Hello Kitty movie finally has a pair of directors.

Jennifer Coyle and Leo Matsuda will direct the live-action/animation hybrid for New Line, though unfortunately, plot details are currently as elusive as a laser pointer’s red dot is to a curious kitten. Learn more about these filmmakers below.

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Dungeons and Dragons Movie Cast Hugh Grant

The Dungeons & Dragons movie cast has added some more familiar names. Chris Pine is already leading a cast that includes Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, and Rege-Jean Page, and now It breakout Sophia Lillis and Hugh Grant are on board as well. While we don’t know who the majority of these actors are playing, it’s been revealed that Grant will play the film’s villain.

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kitbag cast jodie comer

Jodie Comer will (probably) be Josephine to Joaquin Phoenix‘s Napoleon in Ridley Scott‘s Kitbag. Comer just worked with Scott on the historical epic The Last Duel, and now she’ll likely play Napoleon’s first wife. The deal isn’t final yet, and there’s always a chance that the Killing Eve star might not end up in the film after all. But for now, she’s Scott’s number one choice for the role.

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2021 Golden Globes ratings

Another year, another Golden Globes ceremony in the books. But considering the unique combination of multiple controversies roiling within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (the organization responsible for the show) and the fact that the ratings for this past weekend’s broadcast were absolutely abysmal, maybe it’s time to put this particular awards show out to pasture. Read More »

Aliens Fireteam Trailer

In space, no one can hear you game. Aliens: Fireteam is a new third-person survival shooter that allows players to blast away at some Xenomorphs, and you can watch a loud trailer for the game below. The cooperative game is headed to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Steam this summer, and while it doesn’t look like it’s going to be as scary as Alien: Isolation, it’s bound to provide some entertainment for players.

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tenet opening in new york

Christopher Nolan‘s temporal pincer movement must’ve finally worked, because six months after initially opening and three months after hitting digital and Blu-ray, Tenet is finally opening in New York theaters this Friday. NYC theaters have been shut down for months and are slowly opening back up – even though they probably shouldn’t just yet – which means it’s time for Warner Bros. to finally roll out Nolan’s latest epic on the big screen in the Big Apple.

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On the March 2, 2021 episode of /Film Daily, /Film senior writer Ben Pearson is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writer Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and tv news, including Comic-Con 2021, some Star Wars casting, a Silent Night Deadly Night reboot, and the future of theatrical release windows. Then they jump into the mailbag to answer a listener question. Read More »

playstation store movies

Did you know that you could buy or rent movies and TV shows through the PlayStation Store? Well, if you didn’t, that knowledge will be short-lived, because Sony is discontinuing the purchase and rental of movies and TV series through the video game console’s store, starting in August.

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hogwarts legacy release date

In what appears to be a direct refute of Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling‘s poisonous transphobia, the upcoming Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy will allow players to customize their characters to be transgender. It’s a feature that the development team has reportedly been pushing hard to implement in lieu of Rowling’s distressing remarks, and which is planned to be a key part of the game when it launches in 2022.

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