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the sandman corinthian

Netflix’s The Sandman may have found its Dream, but with that comes at least one chilling nightmare. /Film has learned that The Sandman is considering two actors to play The Corinthian, a rogue nightmare created by Morpheus that escapes to Earth and becomes a dangerous serial killer. Liam Hemsworth and Dacre Montgomery are apparently among the top choices to play The Corinthian, one of the major villains of The Sandman.

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ms. marvel star

After a lengthy search, Disney has found its Ms. Marvel.

Iman Vellani, an unknown actress with no credits to her name, has been cast as Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager who has the ability to grow her limbs to huge sizes. Khan was the first Muslim character to get her own regular Marvel Comics title, and she’s become a fan-favorite.
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Batman: Unburied Audio Drama

This past summer, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment struck a multi-year deal with Spotify to produce and distribute an original slate of narrative scripted podcasts based on the roster of popular characters from DC Comics, and the first one has just been announced.

Batman: Unburied will bring the Dark Knight to the audio entertainment world, courtesy of Batman Begins and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice scribe David S. Goyer, who will write and executive produce the audio drama. Read More »

John Belushi Documentary

Following a deep dive into the history and legacy of The Comedy Store, Showtime has another chronicle of a comedy staple who left us far too soon.

John Belushi was a tour de force. After breaking out on Saturday Night Live and National Lampoon’s Animal House, Belushi became one of the biggest comedy stars in the world. He was the kind of guy everyone wanted to have a beer with. But while there was this wrecking ball of comedic energy on the outside, on the inside, Belushi was dealing with his own demons, and his incredible fame would only feed them with alcohol and drugs. Showtime’s new documentary Belushi will chronicle all the comedian’s highs and lows, and you can see the first trailer right now. Read More »

Conan the Barbarian TV Series

Before becoming King of Atlantis in Aquaman, Jason Momoa picked up a sword as Conan the Barbarian in the most recent feature film adaptation of the iconic fantasy character created by pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard. Since that didn’t turn into a new franchise, it’s time to give Conan another swing of the sword, and Netflix is taking on that task in a big way.

Fredrik Malmberg‘s Cabinet Entertainment and Mark Wheeler’s Pathfinder Media are teaming up with Netflix to develop a new live-action Conan the Barbarian TV series as part of a new deal struck with Conan Properties International, which holds all the rights to the entire Conan literary library. The deal will allow Netflix to make TV shows and movies based on Conan, both in live-action and animation. Read More »

minari trailer

One of the most acclaimed movies to come out of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival in January, Minari will finally be making its way to the rest of the world. Er, someday. A24 has released the first trailer for Lee Isaac Chung‘s immigrant drama, which stars Steven Yeun as a Korean dad who picks up his family and moves them to Arkansas in search of the American dream. But the stunning new trailer does not specify a release date for when we can get our hearts shattered by Yeun. Watch the Minari trailer below.

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South park coronavirus

Update: Deadline reports that South Park‘s hour-long coronavirus episode, which airs tonight, will be simulcast on Comedy Central, MTV, and MTV2, marking the first time the show has been simulcast across ViacomCBS brands. It will be available to stream on HBO Max 24 hours after it debuts tonight. Our original story follows, along with a new behind-the-scenes video of how the production came together.

South Park is embracing the COVID-19 era with a special episode that’s all about the coronavirus and the havoc it wreaks on the small Colorado town. Check out the first trailer and get more details below. Read More »

the sandman cast

Netflix has found its Dream choice for the lead of its highly anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The SandmanVelvet Buzzsaw and Far From the Madding Crowd actor Tom Sturridge is reportedly in talks to star as Morpheus, the title character and the anthropomorphic personification of Dream in Netflix’s The Sandman series, based on Gaiman’s groundbreaking graphic novel series.

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Godfather Making Of Movie

Barry Levinson is making a movie about the making of The Godfather, and it’s already shaping up to have quite a cast. Oscar Isaac is set to play Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola, while Jake Gyllenhaal will play legendary producer Rober Evans. While The Godfather is considered today to be one of the greatest movies of all time, the making of the film was not without roadblocks. There was significant push-back against Coppola directing the film, as there was against several of Coppola’s casting choices. But of course, as we know now, it all worked out in the end.

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martial arts film

Paramount Pictures is banking on Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins to re-spark the dwindling embers of its G.I. Joe film franchise. One thing the new film has going for it, according to star Henry Golding, is that it is not just another a cookie cutter entry into the ever-growing genre of superhero cinema. In a new interview, he instead describes this solo film as “much more of a martial arts film” and explains why he “fucking hated” the first week of production. Read More »