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sex and vanity movie

Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan has found himself at the center of a crazy rich Hollywood bidding war. And Sony Pictures and SK Global are the ones who have come up on top, acquiring the film rights to Kwan’s latest novel Sex and Vanity. The book was published on June 30, but the film adaptation is already on its way, which make sense considering the monumental success of the 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians film directed by Jon M. Chu.

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rogue trip trailer

ABC News Correspondent Bob Woodruff and his son Mack Woodruff head out on an adventure in Rogue Trip, a new National Geographic series headed to Disney+. The elder Woodruff was a war correspondent who was wounded in Iraq. However, as Woodruff says in the Rogue Trip trailer below, he didn’t want his kids “to grow up fearful because of what happened.” As a result, the two Woodruffs are off to prove there’s more to see in certain parts of the world than some of us may believe.

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Daniel Dae Kim and his 3AD production company are joining forces with Amazon for Tether, a ghost story from writers Kevin Hamedani and Travis Betz. The series follows the ghost of a woman trying to save her kidnapped son and husband, and that’s certainly a twist on your average ghost story. Kim will executive produce the show, which is currently in development.

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ghostbusters box office

Audiences made the call for more movies to bring them out of quarantine, and Ghostbusters answered. More than 35 years after the 1984 supernatural comedy classic hit theaters, Ghostbusters found itself at the top of the box office again, raking in $550,000 over the three-day Independence Day weekend and claiming the number one spot on the charts. It was a major win for Sony, which dominated the top two spots of the pandemic box office with reissues of major hits.

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‘Ramy’ Season 3 is Officially Coming to Hulu

Ramy season 3

Ramy will be back for more.

Hulu has officially renewed the streaming service’s original comedy/drama Ramy for a third season. The show, which was co-created by and stars Egyptian-American actor and comedian Ramy Youssef, just wrapped up its second season. Read More »

Hamilton special

Before the filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s Broadway hit Hamilton debuted on Disney+, The Walt Disney Company announced that a documentary about the show would also be premiering on the streaming service. Now, there’s news that a second Hamilton special, called Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You, will be dropping on Disney+ tomorrow.

What, you didn’t think Disney was going to spend all that cash to acquire the rights to this property and not milk it for every last drop, did you? Read More »

his dark materials novella

When The Amber Spyglass brought Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy to an end in 2000, that seemed like the end of the story of its protagonist. But 20 years later, and we’re still following the bullish heroine on adventures in her parallel-world Oxford — both on screen in the excellent HBO/BBC TV series adaptation, and in new books published by Pullman.

While Pullman’s latest novel The Secret Commonwealth, the second in a new trilogy of books set in the world of His Dark Materials, picks up with Lyra as an adult, Pullman had been keeping an unseen His Dark Materials novella about teenage Lyra in his pocket since 2004. Finally, Pullman will be releasing that novella, titled Serpentine, this October.

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top gun maverick story

Tom Cruise‘s Pete Mitchell in Tony Scott’s 1986 classic Top Gun was an idol for every every aviation lover back in the ’80s. And why wouldn’t he be? He was a wild card, he was cocky, he looked great playing shirtless volleyball, and his code name was Maverick, of all things. But what happens when a maverick is nearing middle age? That’s what the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick will grapple with, director Joseph Kosinski said, teasing that the story of the highly anticipated sequel will be a “rite-of-passage story, much like the first film was,” but at a “different stage” of Pete Mitchell’s life.

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Shell movie

Actor Max Minghella, who you may recognize from his work in The Social Network or The Handmaid’s Tale, made his feature directorial debut in 2018 with a pop-music fueled drama called Teen Spirit. Now he’s heading to HBO Max to direct his second feature, a horror satire called Shell. Get the details below. Read More »

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Man and Witch

A new fantasy film is in the works which aims to be a “heartwarming homage to the lo-fi fantasy films of the ’80s,” and it’s set to unite three actors who are widely known for starring in iconic 1980s movies. Tami Stronach, who played the Childlike Empress in 1984’s The NeverEnding Story, will co-star in this new movie opposite Sean Astin (1985’s The Goonies) and Christopher Lloyd (the Back to the Future trilogy).

In addition to that unlikely trio of actors, this film will also round out the ’80s homage by calling upon the Jim Henson Creature Shop to design practical puppets for a few of the movie’s characters. Get the details below. Read More »