The Lorax
As part of his thesis in film at the savannah college of art and design, /Film reader Lee Keeler re-imagined The Lorax by Dr. Seuss as a retro grindhouse movie trailer.

“A twist on the original text: ‘The Lorax: He Speaks for the Tress’ is a mock Grindhouse trailer that chronicles the badassssss adventures of The Lorax, an ex-lumberjack-cum-pimp with a green thumb way up the keister of industrial America. The Onceler, his power-CEO arch-nemesis, kidnaps the Brown Barbaloots an holds the world for ransom under his maniacal chainsaw assaults.”

Watch the trailer embedded after the jump.
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Universal Goes Green With An Adaptation Of The Lorax


The latest Dr. Suess tale to go before cameras (or, in this case, rendering software) will be The Lorax, as Variety reports that Universal has started work on a 3D animated feature based on the book. Chris Meledandri is heading up the project for the Universal family film division Illumination Entertainment. Meledandri was the guy who got the last Suess movie adaptation, Horton Hears a Who!, to work while at Fox. That movie was better than anyone had reason to expect it might be, so perhaps the same alchemy will work on The Lorax. Read More »