Devin Meenan

Denison University
Movies, TV, Comics, Anime
  • Devin is a Freelance News Writer for /Film.
  • A lifelong fan of film, comics, and stories of all sorts, he first wrote movie reviews recreationally at Letterboxd and for his university's student paper.
  • Since becoming a professional freelancer in 2020, he has written for entertainment outlets such as IGN and Comic Book Resources.


Devin is a young writer with a focus on film criticism and entertainment news. Depending on the day, he's either an "aspiring" or "amateur" film critic. To pursue his passion, he took up freelancing and has since written for IGN, Comic Book Resources, Film Matters Magazine, and of course /Film. He also currently works as an editorial assistant for RISMedia, the real estate industry's go-to news magazine.


Devin graduated Cum Laude from Denison University, Granville Ohio's premier (and only) university, with a BA in Cinema and English.
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