2013 won’t even start for another four months, and Universal’s already shaking it up. The studio just announced a slew of scheduling changes for next year, some minor and some not so minor.

The most significant shift is the one for Carl Erik Rinsch‘s 47 Ronin, which you may recall was originally scheduled to open this fall before Universal moved it into February 8, 2013. Now it’s moving yet again, to Christmas 2013. It’s well known that the 3D samurai epic has suffered its share of behind-the-scenes issues, so the ten-month delay can’t help but raise a few eyebrows. On the other hand, studios tend to reserve those ultra-competitive year-end slots for their most promising titles.

Also set for new dates are Jurassic Park 3D, Identity Theft, R.I.P.D., 2 Guns, Oblivion, Rush, and more. Hit the jump for details.

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For the rest of 2011, let’s just assume that if any one producer starting moving forward with a new film based on a story or character that has even a vague recognizance rating, others will soon flock to the same subject. See: Snow White, Peter Pan, even Gertrude Bell. Recently we saw that Val Kilmer had been cast in an indie film about Wyatt Earp, and now Warner Bros has picked up a spec script called Wild Guns, which also concerns Earp and his companion (and former Val Kilmer role) Doc Holliday. Read More »

Briefly: Is the success of The Fighter going to lead to a packed film slate for David O. Russell? I hope so, and there are probably some that hope the success of the film will mean he won’t direct Uncharted, with Mark Wahlberg playing the lead character Drake. But I don’t really want to reopen that conversation right now, because there’s a report about a possible new project for Mr. Russell. He’s now in talks to rewrite and direct 2 Guns, which has Vince Vaughn set to star. Owen Wilson was also attached as recently as last October to the story of “an undercover DEA agent and naval intelligence officer who, without knowing it, are investigating each other for stealing money from the mob.”

So: questions. What happened to Owen Wilson? And does this mean the death of Old St. Louis, the other film that David O. Russell and Vince Vaughn were talking about doing last year? No answer to either at this point, but this is an interesting notion. I can easily imagine how the director might take a fluffy action comedy two-hander and turn it into something a bit more weighty, but still entertaining. Let’s see where this goes. [Deadline]