Fox Films at Disney

So far, Disney‘s acquisition of 20th Century Fox is not turning out so well for the House of Mouse. Recently we heard that the studio would be scaling back the development of projects that were previously in the works at Fox, so much that only franchises like Avatar and Planet of the Apes would be moving forward. And now some new details about how Disney is proceeding after Fox’s disappointments have come to light, and it gives us even more of a cause for concern. Read More »

the king's man trailer

Before there was the Kingsman, there was the King’s Man. And who else better to play that singular person than Ralph Fiennes? Fiennes stars as a World War I soldier who helps create the very first independent intelligence agency in The King’s Man, the confusingly titled prequel to Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The film takes place nearly a century before the events of those films, back in the days of the very first ruthless gentleman spies. Watch The King’s Man trailer below.

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the king's man release date

In a series full of fun titles, the upcoming Kingsman prequel has another tongue-twister for you: The King’s Man. 20th Century Fox has revealed that the upcoming Kingsman prequel title is the somewhat confusing The King’s Man, which is set to arrive in theaters in February 2020. The prequel, which stars Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter, Spectre) and up-and-comer Harris Dickinson (The Darkest Minds) will chronicle the origins of the well-dressed British intelligence agency.

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