Hey kids, maybe if you murder a couple hundred people for the mob, Mickey Rourke will star in your life story, too. Stay in school. Last month, we wrote about the beef had by true crime writer and biographer, Philip Carlo, with actor/model Channing Tatum portraying Richard “The Ice Man” Kuklinksi in a feature film based on his book The Ice Man. Carlo deemed Tatum unworthy to play the infamous goon, who died in prison in 2006. Rubbing in his dislike for the young actor, Carlo put in a commendable word for the veteran Rourke. Well, the disagreement between Carlo and mega-producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura led to the latter’s rights expiring on the project last month; in the meantime, Rourke got in touch with Carlo and now he’s apparently set to star. Carlo says via the NY Post that Rourke thinks the movie could “be his Raging Bull.” Not the smoothest comparison in my opinion…

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For all of the blame being placed on “flyover state people” for the success of G.I. Joe, the most outspoken journo-champions for this trendy daycare fare are based in L.A. and New York. It’s one thing to be an adult cashing a check by playing a literal piece of plastic—that is to say: gross—it’s another stumble entirely to be an intelligent adult cheering the result. But predictably, the careers of the actors involved in Joe will benefit, and Channing Tatum, the pin-up version of the guys who carouse Wal-Mart parking lots on Saturday night, is one of ’em. Evidently, Tatum was to play the lead in a biopic about Richard Kuklinksi aka The Ice Man (above), possibly the most-publicized serial-murderer/mafia hitman of recent times. No more. Author Phil Carlo, who penned the adapted best-selling biography on the Ice Man, has humorously called bullshit on Tatum’s casting, thus placing the project in development hell (alongside its subject, no less)…

I really hated the idea of Channing Tatum,” Carlo tells the NY Post. I told [G.I. Joe mega-producer] Lorenzo di Bonaventura that this is not the guy to play one of the most feared killers of the 20th Century,” Carlo said. “I think Mickey Rourke would really be good. He’s got that sense of danger, and there’s a similarity between the two. But it’s not Channing Tatum.”

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