VOTD: 50 Comedy Spoilers in 3 Minutes

Our friends the Fine Brothers have filed the latest episode of their popular “Spoiler” series — 50 Comedy Spoilers in 3 Minutes, in one take. You might remember that we’ve featured their videos 50 Christmas Movie Spoilers in 3 Minutes100 Movie Spoilers in 4 minutes, Spoiling Every Best Picture Winner in Oscar History, 50 spoilers of 2009 in 4 minutes, 100 Horror Movie Spoilers in 5 Minutes, and 50 Disney Spoilers in 3 Minutes.  Hit the jump to watch their latest. And if it isn’t completely obvious already, please be warned that the following video contains spoilers.
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The Apatow-verse still hasn’t dealt with sequels as of yet, but it’s bound to happen eventually. Yesterday Judd Apatow appeared on the Funny or Die Writer’s Room and talked about topics ranging from his first project and living with Adam Sandler, to potential sequels for films he’s directed or produced. In regards to the latter, he offered up some info on the potential for Superbad and Pineapple Express sequels.

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Last week, we discussed the surprising, albeit less surreal in 2009, news that Fox had picked up an animated TV pilot based on the characters of subversive comic book legend Peter Bagge. Today, the network has greenlit another new animated series, this one from Jonah Hill, who will co-write, provide voice work, and executive produce. Details after the jump…

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Greg Mottola’s Superbad was a massive hit, grossing well over $100 million domestically on a relatively modest $20 million budget. It hilariously portrayed the alcohol-, drug-, and sex-driven adventures of a group of high schoolers (and a few cops), but its emotional core was unmistakable: The sweet friendship between Seth (Jonah Hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) was what held the film together. Now for his follow-up, Adventureland, Mottola is working off his own script, and has focused his gaze in a slightly different direction: post-adolescent romance. But with fewer dick jokes and more post-college angst, does Adventureland deliver the laughs and/or the emotion that we’ve come to expect?
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A Pineapple Express / Superbad Crossover Movie?

At Comic Con, Judd Apatow joked about a possible Pineapple Express / Superbad crossover movie, where the paths of all the characters would cross. Everyone thought it was just a joke. Besides, Seth Rogen has expressed his disinterest in doing another Superbad, even though the movie studio has been clamoring for a college tale.

This week our friends at MTV talked with Pineapple Express star James Franco, who told them it’s a real idea. But it gets even weirder. According to Franco, part of the idea for the “unprecedented crossover” is that it could be filmed by two directors, Greg Motolla and David Gordon Green, each directing half of the movie. Even Franco admits that it “doesn’t make sense at all, but could work.” I’m not sure the Directors Guild of America would allow it.

The idea of the crossover became hot in Hollywood when Nick Fury showed up in Iron Man and Tony Stark made an appearance in The Incredible Hulk. But truth is, Kevin Smith created the ultimate crossover movie years ago with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which included the characters from every Kevin Smith film at that time. And since Smith, like Apatow, uses the same crew on many films, some of the actors appeared as a couple different characters. For instance, Jason Lee appeared as both Brodie Bruce from Mallrats and Banky Edwards from Chasing Amy.

And with a Pineapple Express / Superbad crossover, thee would be a huge conflict as Seth Rogen appears in both films in major roles. Franco’s idea is to kill one of the characters off, soyou don’t have to deal with it. I think the funnier thing would to be having Seth Rogen, as the cop from Superbad, chasing Seth Rogen as the stoner from Pineapple, down the street. LOL. Yeah, I doubt this will ever happen. I think I’d actually rather see Seth, Evan and Fogell go to college.

Discuss: Would you rather see a Crossover movie or a Superbad sequel?

When I talked to Jonah Hill a few weeks before SuperBad was released last year, I asked about a possible sequel. Hill responded “We talked about it. But also like the movie hasn’t come out yet. No one could go see it, and the talk would instantly go away of there being a sequel.”

And of course, SuperBad was a big hit, grossing over $169 million worldwide and who knows how much on DVD. So what are the chances we’ll get a SuperBad 2? Seth Rogen told moviehole that the studio has been after them to do a sequel ever since the film was released nearly a year ago, but they’ve ultimately decided not to make a sequel.

“They’re been wanting us to do a sequel to Superbad for so long – but we’ve held off,” Rogen said. “We eventually said No.”

But Rogen isn’t against the idea of sequels all together, adding that he would love to make another Pineapple Express if all goes well.

“If it did well, and they gave us like $50 million dollars, as opposed to the $26M we got for this one, we could benefit from that.”

And from what I’ve heard, Pineapple Express is already tracking pretty high. Everyone I know who has seen it has told me that people are going to love it. And I’m sure Sony will be asking for a sequel after opening weekend.

VOTD: Superbad: The Action Movie Trailer

SuperBad: The Action Movie Trailer by RM18CPR

The Pitch: What if SuperBad was an action movie? RM18CPR remixed a SuperBad movie trailer as if the R-Rated comedy were an epic-level action film.

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The McLovin Fund

When I interviewed Christopher Mintz-Plasse for SuperBad, I asked him how he felt about the possibility of being referred to as McLovin for the rest of his life. At the time, Mintz-Plasse said he was enjoying his newfound fame, but as expected, hard times have come and Kristen Bell has recorded this public service announcement to help raise money for “The McLovin Fund”.

Spoofing SuperBad?


Why does Hollywood still make spoof movies? And why are people still stupid enough to go see them? Moviehole reports that Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the guys behind Meet the Spartans and Epic Movie, are now in pre-production on a SuperBad spoof called Goodie Two Shoes. Yes folks, you read correctly, a SuperBad spoof. My first thoughts were: Why? What’s the point? and Please, Why don’t you guys stop making movies and get a job in construction? But maybe not in that order.

Goodie Two Shoes will film in Louisiana from April 28 through June 6. The story follows a “group of friends who go on a life-changing adventure” but like most recent spoof films, the “comedy” won’t be limited to teen sex comedies. The casting call sheet reveals plans to spoof the upcoming Will Smith Superhero comedy Hancock, Sex and the City the movie, and Mike Myers’ The Love Guru. The duo is also on the look out for other look-alikes to play Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Flava Flav, Dr Phil, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton, and Michael Jackson. Remember back in the day when a spoof movie just stuck to the genre/topic it was spoofing? Someone needs to explain to the spoof genre that it is not, and will never be Saturday Night Live. Better yet, someone needs to take the Spoof film out back and shoot it in the head.

Discuss: Should Hollywood retire the Spoof genre?

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SuperBad Trio

The raunchy “nerdfest” SUPERBAD (Sony) has coasted to an easy weekend win, becoming only the 3rd summer movie to win back-to-back weekends (joining SPIDEY 3 and PIRATES 3). Produced by Judd Apatow and written by Knocked Up star Seth Rogen, this teen comedy, budgeted at just $18M, stormed to another $6.52M on Saturday, and its second weekend will hit $18.07M for a new cume of $68.6M.

That makes SUPERBAD the 3rd best grossing 2007 comedy after 10 days of release, trailing only WILD HOGS and I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU CHUCK & LARRY, and that puts it ahead of the Apatow-directed early summer sensation KNOCKED UP.

– after 10 days of release –
1. Wild Hogs (Buena Vista) – $77M
2. I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Universal) – $71.6M
3. Superbad (Sony) – $68.6M (estimate)
4. Blades of Glory (Dreamworks/Paramount) – $67.9M
5. Knocked Up (Universal) – $65.8M

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