run Hulu record

Run, the newest film from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, has already broken a couple of records for Hulu.

A new report says the suspense thriller, which is about the increasingly fraught relationship between a mother (Sarah Paulson) and her teenaged daughter (Kiera Allen), has become the most-watched feature title ever during its opening weekend, taking the crown from the time loop comedy Palm Springs. Find out about a second Run Hulu record below.
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Run easter eggs

Update: We’ve learned about one more significant cameo in the film. Read about that at the bottom of this article. Our original piece follows.

The filmmakers behind the new suspense thriller Run are no strangers to easter eggs. After all, they threaded an entire alien invasion story through the background of their previous film, Searching. Now co-writer/director Aneesh Chaganty and producer Natalie Qasabian are back with a new suspense thriller starring Kiera Allen and Sarah Paulson as a mother and daughter who have an increasingly fraught relationship as some shocking secrets are revealed.

I spoke with them about their new movie here, and now that the film is streaming on Hulu for all to see, we can share the rest of our spoiler-heavy conversation, which focused on all of the Run easter eggs hidden throughout the story, a few sneaky cameos, and an update on future projects this creative team is involved with – including Searching 2.
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Run interview

Mission: Impossible is Searching director Aneesh Chaganty‘s favorite film franchise, so it’s not a surprise that he uses imagery from that movie to describe the centerpiece action sequence in his newest thriller, Run. In a recent interview, Chaganty told me that one of his movie’s biggest camera moves “was intentionally supposed to evoke the pullout of Tom Cruise on the Burj Khalifa.”

But Mission: Impossible wasn’t on the primary list of cinematic inspirations for this nail-biter of a story about a wheelchair-using teenager (Kiera Allen) who finds herself essentially trapped in her own house by her overbearing mother (Sarah Paulson), who’s harboring a dark secret. Read on to learn which films directly inspired this suspenseful yarn (our full review calls it “relentless” and “tense as hell”), and hear from Chaganty and producer Natalie Qasabian about the biggest challenges to mounting this production, storyboarding the entire film, and more. Read More »

run movie review

Sarah Paulson gives new meaning to the overprotective mother in Run, the latest from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty. In a thriller that seems at least partially inspired by the true story of Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Paulson plays Diane, a smothery mom from hell – a woman who will stop at nothing to keep her daughter from the outside world. That daughter is Chloe (Kiera Allen), a 17-year-old wheelchair user who suffers from a dictionary’s worth of ailments. Or so she’s been told. But Chloe has grown restless in her teen years, and she longs to finally leave home for college. Surely dear old mom can understand that, right?

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Run trailer final

Sarah Paulson, who’s been in the spotlight recently after putting her own spin on the iconic character of Nurse Ratched in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix prequel series Ratched, is about to make a splash on another streaming platform.

Hulu has released the latest trailer for Run, a new thriller from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty in which Paulson plays a potentially deranged mother who seems to be gaslighting her wheelchair-bound daughter. If you like movies like Misery, you should absolutely put Run on your radar. Check out the intense new trailer below.
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Director Aneesh Chaganty, co-writer Sev Ohanian, and producer Natalie Qasabian previously brought us the 2018 nail-biter Searching. Now, they have given audiences an exciting new thriller featuring a paraplegic lead. Kicking off the first night of Nightstream, a collaborative virtual film festival from the organizers of Boston Underground, Brooklyn Horror, North Bend, Overlook and Popcorn Frights Festival, Run tells the story of a teenage girl who uses a wheelchair and her overprotective mother.

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run teaser

Just crown Sarah Paulson the queen of spooky season. The Emmy winning actress is front and center of several horror titles this fall, with Ryan Murphy’s flashy One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest prequel Ratched and now with a thriller from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, coming to Hulu this November. Hulu has released an official teaser for Run, a thriller starring Paulson as an unhinged mother, which unveils the November release date for the former Lionsgate theatrical release. Watch the Run teaser below.

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run release

Run, the new thriller starring Sarah Paulson, is the latest theatrical film to forgo a theatrical release here in the era of coronavirus. The film, which hails from Searching director Aneesh Chaganty, was supposed to open in theaters in May but was pulled due to widespread theatrical closures. Now, Run is bypassing movie theaters entirely and headed to Hulu.

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run canceled

Domnhall Gleeson and Merritt Wever‘s journey is coming to an end. HBO has canceled the Vicky Jones-created series Run after one season, nixing the second season that had been in discussions for the past month and a half.

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run review

There’s something magical about onscreen chemistry. It’s not easy to fake, and poor chemistry between two leads who are supposedly drawn to each other can badly sink an otherwise great premise. So when something comes along that appears to give off genuine sparks between its two main characters, it’s like watching fireworks explode across the screen.

Such is the case with Run, HBO’s smart, funny, and sexy dark comedy series that lives and dies by the chemistry of its leads. As a former college couple reunited after years apart, Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson are electric, and incredibly convincing. It’s easy to get swept up in their journey together, because we genuinely buy their attraction to one another.

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