VOTD: Iron Baby


We’ve featured a bunch of Patrick Bolvin‘s videos in past editions of Video of the Day, including a Batman vs. Hellboy movie trailer mash-up, Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee, Bumblebee’s stop-motion animated dance and Boba Fett’s stop-motion Mandalorian Dance. The French Canadian autodidact director’s newest video has gone viral, including a mention on Twitter from Iron Man director Jon Favreau who tweeted “You need to see this if you like Iron Man or babies.” Watch the video now, after the jump.
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VOTD: Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee

iron man vs bruce lee

French Canadian filmmaker Patrick Bolvin wondered what a fight between Bruce Lee and Iron Man might look like, so he created a 1-minute short film showing what might have happened if the two action heroes battled it out. The narrow depth of field cinematography is stunning, but the stop animated film is much shorter than I would’ve liked. Check out the short film after the jump.

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