Jisoo Kim Paperman print

Today we are excited to exclusively premiere Cyclops Print Works‘ 41st print, artist Jisoo Kim‘s take on the popular Disney animated short film Paperman. Find out more details about the Jisoo Kim Paperman print, see the details and learn when and where you’ll have a chance to get it, after the jump.

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D23 Expo 2015 Prints

D23 Expo 2015 kicks off on Friday in Anaheim, California, and pop culture screen print collectors should take note as the convention will see a ton of new officially licensed screen print releases from top artists like Mark Englert, JC Richard, Dave Perillo, Joe Dunn and more. We’ve covered some of the prints already on the site, but so many new prints have been posted since, I thought it was time for a good round up of what is available and where. Hit the jump to see the D23 Expo 2015 print releases.

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‘Paperman’ Director Leaves Disney


Briefly: If you were hoping that you might eventually see a Disney animated feature from Paperman short director John Kahrs, it won’t happen any time soon. The filmmaker has moved on from Disney, as revealed by the  “unofficial” Disney Animation Twitter account.

This seems like a situation driven by Kahrs, but we don’t know the reason for his departure. Hopefully it was a better situation than the changes at Pixar which led to Bob Peterson being pushed off The Good Dinosaur. We also don’t have any info on what Kahrs is up to next, but we’ll report on it when info becomes available. Having an Oscar-winning short on his reel should make getting the next job easier, however.  [Cartoon Brew]


Disney’s Paperman won the Oscar for Best Animated short film at this year’s Academy Awards. CollegeHumor couldn’t let the sweet whimsical love story conclude the way it did, and has decided to show us the more realistic “the full, unedited ending” that didn’t exist. Watch it now embedded after the jump.

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Don’t say Disney folk can’t be badasses, or at least smartasses. Kristina Reed, producer of the short film Paperman, was temporarily kicked out of Sunday’s Oscar ceremony after celebrating her film’s victory. Once Paperman took the Oscar for Best Animated Short, Reed, who was sitting in one of the many balconies at the Dolby Theater, began throwing paper airplanes with kisses on them. When security saw, she was asked to leave. Read More »

While it was anyone’s guess who’d win the Super Bowl last night, the movie awards ceremonies this weekend were more predictable. Argo continued its steamroll through awards season, picking up a DGA award for Ben Affleck to go with the film’s earlier PGA, SAG, and Globes victories, while PGA winner Wreck-It Ralph took the top prize at the Annies.

Oscar favorites Searching for Sugar Man and Paperman also proved popular on the movie front, as did Jay RoachRian Johnson, and Lena Dunham in the small-screen world. Hit the jump to read the winners.

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If you caught Wreck-It Ralph last fall — and considering its $182 million domestic box office gross, there’s a good chance you did — you’ve probably already seen Paperman, Disney’s buzzed-about 2D animated short. But if you missed it, or if you did see it but are just eager to relive the magic, you’re in luck. Disney has uploaded the six-minute film in full to YouTube, and you can enjoy it after the jump.

Using a combination of hand-drawn and CG techniques, the mostly black-and-white movie follows a man and a woman who meet by chance on their morning commute. They part ways before they have a chance to speak, but when he sees her in the office right across the street from his, he spends the rest of the day attempting to reconnect. Click through to watch the video.

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Disney Animation Studios latest short film, Paperman, has been generating a ton of buzz since screenings began earlier this summer. Directed by John Kahrs, the film uniquely blends hand-drawn and computer generated animation to create a strikingly beautiful vision of mid-century New York City. There, “a young man relies on his heart, imagination, a stack of papers—and a little luck—to win the girl of his dreams.” It’ll hit theaters nationwide November 2 as the short film attached Disney’s featured animated film, Wreck-It Ralph.

/Film was lucky enough to see Paperman at an early press day for Wreck-It Ralph (which we’ll have MUCH more on in the coming days) and figured it was worth a video blog. After the jump watch myself and Ben Pearson from FirstShowing.net discuss Paperman. Read More »

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to look forward to Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, here comes one more. We’ve already told you about Paperman, the hand-drawn/CG hybrid animated short that’ll be premiering in front of that feature, and the insane amount of great buzz it’s already received. (Well — a lot of that early talk was from Pixar employees, but still.) Today we’ve got the first look at actual images from the short, and like the early concept art, they’re striking in their retro simplicity. Check them out after the jump.

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Since its earliest rumblings, we’ve been following a new project by Disney Animation Studios called Paperman. It’s a short film directed by John Kahrs about “a young man in NYC relying on his heart, imagination, a stack of papers—and a little luck—to win the girl of his dreams.” The short is scheduled to premiere in theaters with Wreck-It Ralph this November.

Paperman is now finished and will reportedly debut in Los Angeles and France this month. Several new images have come on line, and the short also screened at Disney’s Pixar Studios, leading several employees there to tweet all about it. Check it out below. Read More »