When the iPhone 4 first arrived, the quality of the video immediately became one of the selling points, and we posted a couple pieces about people using the phone to create films. We figured that a well-known filmmaker would eventually use the device to make a film. Here’s one of the first: Paranmanjang (Ups and Downs), a 30-minute “fantasy-horror” short film from Oldboy and Thirst director Park Chan-Wook, who shot the film entirely with the iPhone 4. Read More »


When the iPhone 4 was announced, many wondered how long it would take before we saw a film shot with the device. Not long, as it turns out. 156 Turns is a documentary that covers the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb motorcycle race in Colorado Springs. And while the full film, made by Seth Schaeffer and his crew, uses footage captured by a number of cameras, you can see a short version below that was shot entirely on iPhone 4. Read More »