project porg promo video

Porgs! They’re adorable, they’re loud, they’re one of the best things to ever happen to the Star Wars universe. After making their debut in The Last Jedi, the noble porgs have become a fan-favorite – and rightfully so. Now the bird-like creatures have their own ILMxLAB VR game: Star Wars: Project Porg. A new Project Porg promo video takes you into the creation of the game while also revealing how players will have the opportunity to raise a porg from childhood, just like adopting a pet. It’s so adorable you might vomit.

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Project Porg poster

Are you ready to train some porgs? I know I am. LucasFilm’s ILMxLAB, which uses VR, AR and other emerging technologies, has just announced a new project: Star Wars: Project Porg, which enables users to befriend the cutest characters in all of Star Wars history (sorry, Sy Snootles; you’ll always be#2). More on Project Porg below!

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star wars: vader immortal

As the Star Wars universe keeps expanding, so too do the ways we experience it. There’s the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge theme park at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California coming soon; there are comics, TV, movies, and a whole bunch of titles on the upcoming Disney streaming service. But the most innovative way that Lucasfilm will be expanding on Star Wars will be in virtual reality.

For the past two years, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division ILMxLAB and The Dark Knight screenwriter David Goyer have been teasing a Darth Vader VR project that would add a new layer onto the tragic hero-turned-villain of the Star Wars saga. Now the first Star Wars: Vader Immortal trailer has been released by ILMxLAB.

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