Next to the $1B+ grosses for The Avengers and The Dark Knight RisesProject X‘s respectable $100M worldwide take seems like spare change. But there is one arena in which the Todd Phillips-produced raunchfest is king: illegal downloads.

Project X has emerged as the single most pirated film of 2012 — as well as the lowest grossing of the top 10, which also includes both of the aforementioned box office smashes. Read the full list after the jump.

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2012: A Year in Movie Mistakes

At their core, all narrative features are lies. We can will ourselves to believe we’re watching superheroes save Manhattan, but we know deep down that what we’re really seeing is costumed actors zipping around on wires and jumping in front of green screens. And like all great, big whoppers, the more moving parts there are, the more difficult it gets to keep everything straight.

The folks at delight in pointing out the tiny mistakes that slip through, whether it’s a costume that’s been sloppily rearranged between takes or an anachronistic prop that’s been dropped into a period piece. Just as they did in 2011, they’ve just released a list of their favorite goofs of the year, as well as a tally of the most error-prone films of the year. Read them both after the jump.

[UPDATE: One of the filmmakers mentioned, Rian Johnson, has since responded to Looper‘s inclusion at #8 on the list. Hit the jump to see his tweet.]

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VOTD: Every 3D Movie is the Same

Watch enough movies, and you’ll find that you occasionally walk out of the theater sometimes with the vaguely disappointing feeling that you’ve just shelled out $14 to see a movie you’re already seen before. Sometimes, it’s no surprise that a film looks derivative — did anyone really expect Underworld: Awakening to wow us with its originality, for example? — but even great movies fall prey to old habits sometimes. The Avengers was exhilarating, but Lord knows we’ve seen the dear old Big Apple demolished more than a few times before, and often in very similar ways at that.

The Funny or Die folks point out the most familiar repeating shots and motifs in a video titled “Every 3D Movie is the Same.” Unfortunately, it seems their theoretical fact-checkers were dozing on the job, since a handful of the movies they cite were not, in fact, released in 3D. But even so, their point stands. Perhaps they should’ve just retitled it “Every Studio Action Movie is the Same”? Watch it after the jump.

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How did it take this long for someone to cut The Dark Knight Rises footage to the tune of the Karen O cover of ‘Immigrant Song’ from the trailer for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? Maybe there have been other versions of the same idea that I’ve missed, but this one is worth a look — it has quite a wide variety of footage, and is pretty nicely edited to emulate the trailer for David Fincher’s thriller.

But the headline promised you an Ice Age trailer spoof of The Dark Knight Rises, and we’ve got that, too. In truth, the Ice Age attempt isn’t nearly as good as the best Muppets parody trailers were; it’s more on par with the promo video made to look like The Artist that hit early this year. Which is to say: cute, but hardly the stuff of viral video madness. Judge for yourself below. Read More »

‘Ice Age: Continental Drift’ Trailer #2

When crafting my potential summer box office top 10 for our annual wager with the Totally Rad Show, one film that I highly underestimated was Ice Age: Continental Drift. The first three films all opened at over $40 million, all grossed just under $200 million and you can be sure this one will be more of the same. For the fourth installment, Scrat unleashes a global catatrosphy which sends Manny, Diego and Sid on an adventure featuring pirates and more. A second full trailer has just been released and you can check it out below. Read More »

“It’s hard to do a 20-minute Maggie episode, but in four minutes it’s great. She’s like Charlie Chaplin.” That’s Simpsons executive producer Al Jean describing to Entertainment Weekly why the youngest member of The Simpsons was chosen to star in The Longest Daycare, a four-minute 3D short film that’ll play in front of Ice Age: Continental Drift when that film opens July 13.

Jean also discussed the origin of the project, its plot, who may or may not cameo and the possibility of another feature film. Read all that and more after the jump. Read More »

A highly underrated moment in the history of The Simpsons was in 2006 when 20th Century Fox sneakily placed the first teaser trailer/announcement of The Simpsons Movie in front of Ice Age: The Meltdown. That relationship between Homer and Scrat continues next month as a 3D Simpsons short film will play in front of Ice Age: Continental Drift. It’s called The Longest Daycare and will star Maggie Simpson. Check out a teaser clip below. Read More »

After the Avengers face off against Loki in next month’s The Avengers, Tony Stark will be striking out in his own to contend with his own nemesis — but who will it be? After the jump:

  • Is Iron Man 3‘s big bad the Mandarin?
  • G.I. Joe is testing two different endings
  • Peter Farrelly talks Dumb & Dumber 2
  • Cast interviews from the set of Skyfall
  • Seven new images from Piranha 3DD
  • A small peek at Ice Age: Continental Drift

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In the decade or so since the start of Fox’s Ice Age series, the franchise has pulled in a range of high-profile stars including Jack Black, Will Arnett, Jay Leno, and Simon Pegg to compliment its central quartet of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, and Chris Wedge.

This time around, for Steve Martino and Michael Thurmeier‘s Ice Age: Continental Drift, the core characters are joined by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Nick Frost, Rebel Wilson, Aziz Ansari, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, and more. It’s a very solid cast, but is the project worthy of their talents? Watch the first trailer after the jump and decide for yourself. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

I’m not sure exactly how this new featurette, no matter how well-assembled it might be, is going to do when it comes to selling the latest Fox and Blue Sky Studios film Ice Age: Continental Drift. At least, it might not do a lot of good now. After this weekend things might change.

The conceit at work here is a big riff on The Artist. Yet despite garnering awards and a lot of headline attention as the movie races towards a likely Oscar win this Sunday, there are still a great many people, I think, who have only the barest idea of what The Artist is. Granted, that could change really fast come Sunday night, if the film trundles away from the Oscar stage with a wheelbarrow full of statuettes.

So get a jump on the post-Oscar Artist marketing deluge now by checking out the Ice Age parody of the film below. Read More »