Make Your Own Funko POP

There are countless kinds of Funko POP vinyl collectible figures featuring your favorite characters from movies and TV shows, not to mention figures based on video games, comic books, musicians, sports teams, and more. But have you ever wanted a Funko POP of yourself? Now you can get one without paying for a bootleg version.

Funko is introducing mini-factories that will allow fans to create their own personalized POP People at their headquarters in Everett, Washington and the Funko Hollywood shop. You can make it look like yourself or maybe get one for your grandma who has no idea what Funko POPs are. Find out more below. Read More »

The Clone Wars Funko POPs

Even though The Clone Wars is one of the most successful spin-offs in the Star Wars franchise, only recently has the series been given a wider swath of collectible merchandise with the rest of the saga. Out of hundreds of Funko POPs that have been released over the years, there have probably barely been a dozen of them, but that’s about to change.

A new wave of The Clone Wars Funko POPs inspired by the final season of the animated series will be coming in November, including two new versions of Ahsoka Tano, the latest iteration of Darth Maul, a couple different Mandalorians, and Wrecker from¬† The Bad Batch. Read More »

Dumb and Dumber Funko POPs

It’s been 26 years since Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey hit the road as the dimwitted Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, and the movie still has us cracking up. Now you can make your nostalgia for those laughs more tangible with the recently revealed like of Funko POPs inspired by the movie. Hopefully you didn’t want to get your hands on Mary Samsonite Swanson though. Because not only is she married, but the Dumb and Dumber Funko POPs collection is focused squarely on Harry and Lloyd with no less than five different versions of the dense duo. Read More »

The Mandalorian - The Child LEGO

The second season of The Mandalorian begins on October 30. But before new episodes arrive, Disney and Lucasfilm will kick off¬†Mandalorian mania with a new global consumer products, games and publishing program called Mando Mondays. Is it a crass commercial opportunity to sell merchandise tied to every episode of the second season of the Star Wars series? You bet it is. Are we still excited about it no matter how embarrassing that might be? Absolutely. Get details on Mando Mondays below. Read More »

NYCC 2020 Funko POPs Exclusives

Like many events this year, New York Comic-Con is going virtual for the 2020 edition of the convention taking place from October 8 – October 11. Though there’s no in-person event happening, some of the exclusives that were meant for NYCC will be getting released online.

Following in the footsteps of exclusive releases for San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration, the NYCC 2020 Funko POPs exclusives will be available for purchase online to everybody. Funko has unveiled new releases from Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Pixar’s Up, Harry Potter, some beloved animated Disney movies, and more. See what you’ll have to clamor for online next month below. Read More »

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back LEGO Bespin Duel

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is a little hard this year since it’s not exactly the safest time to head back to movie theaters as they start to reopen this month and into September. That’s especially difficult with Star Wars Celebration 2020 canceled this year. But the good news is that some of the exclusives that were intended for release at the sci-fi saga’s convention will still be available for fans to get their hands on.

A new batch of Star Wars Funko POPs will be released later this month that bring Ralph McQuarrie’s original concept art designs of some of the movie’s characters to life. Plus, there’s a new Funko POP movie scene from The Empire Strikes Back, as well as a LEGO set inspired by the iconic lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Cloud City where the saga’s biggest revelation was made back in 1980. Read More »

New The Office Funko POPs

There are already plenty of Funko POPs inspired by the beloved NBC comedy series The Office. Not only have the primary cast members been given generic regular vinyl figures, but Funko has started to dig into specific episodes to give us variations on characters, such as Meredith with her pixelated boob peeking out, Kelly in casual Friday clothing, the Florida version of Stanley, and tons of different versions of Dwight. But of course even more The Office Funko POPs are on the way.

The latest round of The Office Funko POPs include new retail exclusive versions of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Kevin Malone, and Jim Halpert, as well as the addition of Michael’s questionable lover Jan Levinson. Check them all out and find out where to get them below. Read More »

Anchorman Funko POPs

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us. Well, this year it’s Comic-Con at Home with a bunch of virtual panels instead of the usual massive gathering of nerds and geeks at the San Diego Convention Center, but we’ll try to make the best of it.

Even though there isn’t a show floor to scour for the usual Comic-Con exclusive merchandise, that’s not stopping the arrival of a new wave of 2020 SDCC exclusive Funko POPs. While this year’s selection feels a little lackluster overall, the introduction of one particular new series of Funko POPs kinda makes up for it. We’re talking about a set of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy Funko POPs featuring several different versions of the titular San Francisco news man, and some of the Channel 4 news team. Read More »

X-Men Movie Funko POPs

Even though there are plenty of worrisome outcomes from the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by The Walt Disney Company, there is some good that comes from the business deal, especially for fans of X-Men. Not only are fans excited to see the mutants enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, but now the X-Men franchise can finally see some proper modern merchandise inspired by the original movies. You can start your new collection with the first wave of X-Men movie Funko POPs.

20th Anniversary X-Men Movie Funko POPs

Even though the X-Men movie Funko POPs are being launched in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the original movie, there are figures from the first trilogy in the franchise.

As you can see, you’ll find two versions of Wolverine, one with Logan in his traditional white tanktop, jeans and boots, and the other in the black leather suit from the first movie. There’s also a crouching Mystique, Rogue removing her glove to touch someone and steal their powers, and Cyclops with his swishing black coat and optic blast eyewear.

Meanwhile, from the sequels, we’ve got Nightcrawler from X2: X-Men United, complete with detailed face markings, as well as Beast in his suit X-Men: The Last Stand, and the all-powerful Phoenix version of Jean Grey.

There are also alternate versions of both Mystique and Magneto, the former with a more shiny metallic paint job, and the latter modeled after the younger version of villain in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

For my money though, the best two characters in this first wave are Charles Xavier and Magneto, as played by Sir Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

Hopefully this is just the beginning for the X-Men movie Funko POPs line. There are some other variations of characters that would be cool to see, something like Cyclops with his eyes blasting, or a metallic Colossus, maybe even a fiery Pyro. Plus,

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New The Mandalorian Funko POPs

With Star Wars Day just around the corner, another round of The Mandalorian Funko POPs have just been made available for pre-order at various retailers. Even though Lucasfilm was late to get Baby Yoda merchandise out to the masses in order to preserve the secret of the little guy from the Disney+ Star Wars series, they’re making up for it by giving us even ore Baby Yoda Funko POPs, each one with a signature snack, as well as a diorama scene featuring Mando and Baby Yoda, and the new villain Moff Gideon wielding the legendary Darksaber. Read More »