Netflix continue watching row

So, you’ve brought someone home with the intention to “Netflix and chill.” But as you fire up your Netflix app on your iPad to find something to put on in the background, your “Continue Watching” row pops up. You try to quickly scroll past it, but it’s too late: you glance over at your would-be romantic partner and notice that they have a horrified look on their face, because they noticed that the three most recent things you watched were embarrassing as hell. So you sigh and do the only thing you can do in this terrible situation: as your would-be partner leaves, you both solemnly agree to never see each other again. Thanks a lot, Netflix.

But those were the old days. Now, Netflix has rolled out an update for users who access the app on Apple device that allows you to remove those pesky, unwanted movies and shows from your “Continue Watching” row, saving you untold amounts of future embarrassment and annoyance. Thanks a lot, Netflix! Read More »

apple event

Yesterday’s virtual Apple event came with something new, and I’m not talking about technology. As the event came to an end, a series of disclaimers revealing the precautions put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19 during production flashed across the screen. While this is tied directly to the Apple event, one has to wonder if these are the types of disclaimers we’ll be seeing across productions and presentations in the near future.

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Apple TV+ Movies in Theaters

While Netflix is still arguing with theater chains about the length of the theatrical window for some of their original movies, Apple is looking to take a route similar to Amazon Prime Video. The tech company’s new streaming service will release some of their forthcoming original films in theaters before sending them to their exclusive streaming home on Apple TV+, and they’ve already been talking with theater chains about making it happen. Read More »

apple streaming service adult content

Not so fast, Puritans! Early reports that the Apple streaming service Apple TV+ would only feature family-friendly fare might not be so accurate after all. An Apple VP has attempted to set the record straight by confirming that some original shows on the service will, indeed, be geared towards adults. Just how adult will things get? You probably shouldn’t expect anything in the NC-17 range, but at the very least, some of these shows are going to have naughty language. So lock up the kids!

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Apple Oscar Movies

Apple is getting into the original movie and TV game with their upcoming streaming service Apple TV+. And just like their chief competitor Netflix, they have their eye on Oscar gold. According to a new report, Apple hopes to release “six small-budget movies a year with an eye toward stories that could win Academy Awards.” But will this plan for Apple Oscar movies work?

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AppleTV+ Trailer

Today brought Apple’s announcement of their new subscription streaming service AppleTV+. While the presentation didn’t have much footage to show from the various original program that will be part of the service launching this fall, they had no problem showing off the slate of storytellers that they already have working on shows.

The first AppleTV+ trailer features heavy hitting storytellers like Steven Spielberg, Sofia Coppola, J.J. Abrams, Ron Howard, and many more passionately talking about the art and power of storytelling. This is going to get you so jazzed, and not just because Damien Chazelle is part of the line-up too. Read More »

AppleTV plus

Nearly two years after first announcing that they’d be entering the streaming video realm in a significant way, Apple has finally pulled back the curtain and revealed some major details about its new video service, which is called AppleTV+. Here’s everything we know about it.
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Samsung iTunes App

Apple has a new streaming service with original content on the way. If they want to lure in new customers who want to watch, they’ll have to start playing nice with other companies by giving them the ability to play iTunes movies and TV shows, something that has been exclusive to Apple devices for years now. A new announcement from Samsung indicates that’s exactly what Apple is starting to do.

Samsung revealed over the weekend that their 2018 and 2019 Smart TVs would support AirPlay 2 or iTunes movies and TV shows. Keep in mind that’s only one company out of several that need to play nice with Apple to expand the customer base for their subscription service, but that’s a huge deal that no one ever thought would happen. Read More »

Apple Original Shows

Apple has been spending money left and right to pick up a slew of original programming in an effort to become another contender in the streaming service industry. The tech company is expected to spend about $1 billion on original content this year with an eye towards creating shows that are geared towards wide family audiences. And after spending all that money, how much are they going to charge for users to watch it? Nothing.

That’s right, a new report reveals that Apple will apparently let users watch their original content for free as long as they own Apple devices. And the reason for that makes sense once you find out exactly how this new original content will be distributed by Apple. Read More »

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apple streaming service

The Apple streaming service continues to amass an impressive line-up of talent with eye-catching shows. But don’t expect any of those shows to be too risqué. A new report reveals that Apple is working hard to make their streaming service ultra family friendly and, well, kind of bland. Apple has gone so far as to pull the plug on one of their potential shows because it had too much sex and violence, while also instructing other shows to remove any trace of potentially offensive subject matter.

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