Scoring an astonishing 7% on Rottentomatoes, Dee Snider’s Strangeland is still somehow a cult film amongst certain nooks and crannies of the horror community, and not just die-hard fans of Snider’s band Twisted Sister. Perhaps these fans have been swigging the Kool-Aid that star, screenwriter, producer and, according to the title, owner Dee Snider has been handing out.  According to him, the first film could have been saved had director John Pieplow not had final cut (not to mention first re-edit cut, a clause I’ve never heard of before).

“…I had a deal for an extended DVD release of the first Strangeland with Lionsgate, and then the frigging director who fucked it up the first time wielded his Director’s Guild right to first re-edit. We wanted to do an extended DVD and call it the Dee-rector’s cut, but I won’t let the guy near it”

Things have changed now, though with Snider unveiling his plans to return as loopy-loo killer Captain Howdy for a second film in the series, Strangeland: Disciple.

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