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When the second Death Star exploded in Return of the Jedi, where exactly did its remains end up? We know from the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailers that many of that film’s characters are going to visit the burned-out husk of that mega weapon, but are they going to an unseen section of a familiar planet or uncharted territory? An impending update to a Disney attraction has provided the answer.

Disney’s Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is getting an upgrade on the same day that The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters, and a new announcement reveals the name of the ocean moon where the Death Star remains crashed. Get the details below. Read More »

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At D23 Expo 2015, Bob Iger announced that Disney would be building Star Wars-themed lands in Disneyland and Disney World. And before that happens in a few years (date to be announced), Disney also announced they would expand the Star Wars presence in both Disney World and Disneyland this year. Well we now have some new information about Star Wars land construction and the “Season of the Force” which is set to begin in just a couple months. Hit the jump to learn more about all the Star Wars Disneyland news.

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I have to say, this is a particularly good edition of Star Wars Bits. Dare I say, it’s a must read. Let’s get right to it. Below, read about the following:

  • Watch how Ben Burtt created the sound for the Millennium Falcon hyperdrive failure.
  • Star Wars Rebels Season 2 will debut at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.
  • Sunday afternoon, Disney XD will air a video revealing new secrets of The Force Awakens trailer.
  • A Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser poster could be coming next week.
  • And while you wait, see some really awesome new Force Awakens fan art.
  • Disney’s ride Star Tours: The Adventures Continue could get A Force Awakens upgrade.
  • An interesting piece of speculation about Luke Skywalker’s purpose in The Force Awakens.
  • Do the Force Awakens Topps card number match with the old Topps Star Wars cards?
  • What do the Star Wars: The Force Awakens names actually mean?

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JJ Abrams Star Trek Premiere

Lots of Star Wars fans, including J.J. Abrams himself, have sat down to talk about their confidence in Star Wars Episode VII. Those statements, possible video games, and more are all in today’s Star Wars Bits. After the jump read about the following:

  • J.J. Abrams is focusing on Star Wars Episode VII, not any spin-off films.
  • Simon Pegg has some ideas on how J.J. Abrams can reinvigorate Star Wars.
  • Damon Lindelof would love to write a Star Wars film.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is super excited for Star Wars Episode VII and could be interested in appearing.
  • Has a glimpse of a new Star Wars animated series been revealed?
  • Disney CEO Bob Iger suggests more Star Wars is coming to theme parks and television.
  • Star Tours opens at Disneyland Tokyo
  • Lucasfilm registers domain names hinting at Gungan and Wookie themed video games and more.

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LOL: Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland Commercial

As part of the promotions for the recently revamped Star Tours, Disney has unveiled an amusing new spot featuring the great and fearsome Darth Vader and a couple of his Stormtroopers taking a tour of Disneyland. In it, the Dark Lord arrives at the park with the intention of checking out the new Star Tours. When he sees that it’s not open yet, he takes his Stormtroopers around the rest of the park. It’s kind of an obvious joke — scary Darth Vader acting goofy is a concept that’s been done in countless parody videos — but it’s still pretty charming. Watch the commercial after the jump.

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With just one month to go before the unveiling of the new Star Tours ride at Disneyland and Disney World, Disney has put out a new press release that reveals a few more tidbits about the revamped attraction. For those who have no idea what a Star Tours is, it’s a popular ride that takes guests on a tour through the Star Wars universe, via a simulation. Or it was, until Disney shut it down last year to work on this new version.

We were already aware that the new attraction, officially called Star Tours: The Adventure Continues would feature 3D effects, variable storylines, some new characters and classic locations, and that C-3PO would be the one flying the ship.

Now Disney has offered up new details on what C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels), R2-D2, droid pilot Ace, and spokesbot Aly San San (voiced by Allison Janney) will be doing during the ride — including an explanation as to how C-3PO ends up in the pilot’s seat. Read on after the jump.

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In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re a little Star Tours obsessed here on /Film. As Star Wars fans, the original ride was usually the highlight of an already awesome trip to Disney and now, the fact that they’re updating it with state of the art 3D effects and 54 variable stories featuring a ton of classic locations and characters, is almost too cool for words. In tracking the progress of the ride, officially called Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, opening May 20 at Walt Disney World in Florida and June 3 at Disneyland in California, one of the questions has always been, how does that variable story scenario work?

Anthony Daniels – C-3PO himself – has now dropped a bunch of details both on his role in the ride, some hints of what to expect and explained the variable nature of the whole thing. Think “slot machine.” Read what he had to say below. Read More »

The first departure date for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue is rapidly approaching at both Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But where will the adventures take us? We already know that the totally revamped 3D thrill ride will take its riders on upwards of 50 different adventures each time they get on and now we’ve got the full list of planets and destinations that riders will be traveling to. Check them out after the break. Read More »

The updated version of Star Tours, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, opens on May 20 at Walt Disney World in Florida and June 3 at Disneyland in California. It’s a total and utter revamp of the previously dated ride, from the exterior structure where you wait on line to 54 different full-on, immersive 3D Star Wars adventures featuring characters both new and old. A few new photos have popped on line giving us an idea of what to expect this summer and we’ve got them below, plus links to all the previous stories we’ve ran on the ride. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Attempting to keep up with all the film events in Los Angeles is an exercise in futility. There’s simply too much going on all at once, all over town. But every once in a while a few pieces of news hit at once and that’s why we created /Film LA. Here’s what we’ve got.

  1. The original 1982 Tron is screening March 5 at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica with writer/director Steven Lisberger and more in attendance. As an added bonus, it’ll be in 70mm.
  2. My favorite and probably the best theater chain in all of Los Angeles, Arclight Cinemas, just released their first iPhone application.
  3. Disney has finally set the official opening date for the Disneyland opening of the brand new Star Tours: The Adventures Continue: June 3. Also opening that day is an all-new Little Mermaid ride.
  4. In case you missed it, Quentin Tarantino is taking over his New Beverly Cinema in March including a premiere run of Kill Bill: The Whole Blood Affair.

Read details about all of this and more after the jump. Read More »