Star Blazers

Christopher McQuarrie is gearing up for Mission: Impossible 5 as we speak, but he’s already thinking ahead to his next directorial gig beyond that. The filmmaker has been set to helm Skydance Productions’ Star Blazers, two and a half years after he was hired to write it.

The live-action adventure is based on the ’70s animated series of the same title, which was the American version of the Japanese anime Space Battleship Yamato. Hit the jump for the latest details on the project.

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David Ellison and Skydance Productions have turned into the go-to financing partner for Paramount. The company put up money for True Grit and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and will be behind the Jack Ryan reboot and the sequel to Top Gun if that film goes forward.

Christopher McQuarrie will add the script for that Top Gun sequel to his resume that already includes The Usual Suspects and Valkyrie. And now Skydance is negotiating to buy the rights to classic anime series Star Blazers, and will turn to Mr. McQuarrie to craft the script for a live-action version . Read More »