Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Trailer

Not only is there a new Resident Evil game and a new live-action Resident Evil movie on the way this year, but there’s also a Netflix anime series coming out. It’s called Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, and from the looks of the first trailer for the series, it’s set at the White House, which is a neat little twist.

The series comes from director Eiichiro Hasumi and will feature a musical score courtesy of Yugo Kann. This specific trailer introduces us to familiar Resident Evil characters Leon S. Kennedy (voiced by Nick Apostolides) and Claire Redfield (voiced by Stephanie Panisello). Leon “is investigating a hacking incident, and Claire, visiting to petition the government to construct a welfare facility, have a chance reunion at the White House. A strange drawing from a little boy and an unexpected power outage in the White House mark the beginning of the infinite darkness.” Watch the trailer below.

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resident evil reboot movie release date

The Resident Evil reboot movie is now set for a September 2021 release date. This latest big-screen film based on the popular video game series sounds like it’s going to be much more faithful to its source material than the film franchise that started with 2002’s Resident Evil, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. This new version comes from director Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) and stars Crawl actress Kaya Scodelario.

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resident evil reboot

There must be some level of irony around a video game movie about a deadly pandemic wrapping up production amid a real-life pandemic. But the context in which the new Resident Evil film has been filming is certainly not intentional, as the Johannes Roberts-helmed reboot is Sony and Constantin Film’s newest expansion of a film franchise that began with Paul W.S. Anderson’s 2002 film. Anderson would direct or co-write the next five films in the series, but he steps away from the franchise completely with the latest Resident Evil movie, which has no connections to the previous films and is on track to be released theatrically in 2021.

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New Blu-ray Releases The Irishman

Here are the latest Blu-ray releases you should check out this week. There’s Martin Scorsese‘s The Irishman coming from The Criterion Collection. There’s the long-delayed The New Mutants. And then there are not one but two different box sets – a 4K collection for the Resident Evil series and a set for the infamous I Spit On Your Grave series.  Read More »

resident evil reboot cast donal logue

The Resident Evil reboot cast is still growing. A bunch of names – including Kaya Scodelario, Robbie AmellHannah John-Kamen, and more – were previously announced, and now, Donal Logue, everyone’s favorite Donal, is joining the cast as well. Logue will play Brian Irons, Chief of Police of Raccoon City, where the story takes place. Chad Rook (The Flash) and Lily Gao (The Handmaid’s Tale) have also signed on to what is shaping up to be an adaptation far more faithful to the original games than the 2002 film.

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resident evil reboot cast

Resident Evil adaptations will never die. While the Paul W.S. Anderson film series seems to have come to an end, all-new takes on the video game franchise are on our way. Netflix is developing a Resident Evil TV series, and now, a new Resident Evil movie is in the works, too. And there’s an extensive cast list to go along with that news: Kaya Scodelario, Robbie Amell, Hannah John-Kamen, and more – and they’re playing characters pulled directly from the first three Resident Evil games, which suggests this is going to be a more direct adaptation than the Anderson films.

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Resident Evil Animated Series Trailer

The Resident Evil video game franchise already has an entire series of live-action movies, not to mention a handful of computer animated movies. Now the popular horror game title is heading to streaming with its first computer generated anime TV series at Netflix.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was announced on Capcom’s virtual Tokyo Game Show stream, and Netflix quickly released the first teaser trailer for the series, which finds Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield each investigating mysterious happenings in the dark. Get a look at the Resident Evil animated series trailer below. Read More »

resident evil netflix series

Netflix is adding another geeky property to its collection. The streaming giant confirmed that a live-action Resident Evil Netflix series is in the works, based on Capcom’s massively popular video game franchise. Netflix revealed the first story details about its live-action Resident Evil series, which puts a bit of a Stranger Things twist on the story.

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resident evil box set

The entire Resident Evil film series is getting a fancy 4K Blu-ray box set, and frankly, I’m excited. Are these movies good? I mean…no, not really. But they’re immensely entertaining, and sometimes, that’s enough. The Resident Evil box set will include all six films along with hours of bonus features, and an extended cut of Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

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