perry mason season 2

Get ready for more of Matthew Rhys wearing rumpled suits and yelling “Objection!” while bathed in moody noir lighting. HBO has gone ahead and ordered Perry Mason season 2, which makes sense since the first season feels like an extended prequel. When first announced, Perry Mason was going to be a limited series, but HBO clearly had a change of heart and wanted to keep the series going. Based on the character who originally appeared in a series of books, radio dramas, and a TV series starring Raymond Burr, the new Perry Mason was a grim, gritty, and pulpy story about how Perry Mason went from being a low-rent private eye to a talented defense attorney.

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perry mason review

If you know Perry Mason at all, you likely know the character from the long-running late ’50s, early ’60s TV legal drama starring Raymond Burr as the famous lawyer who was known for getting suspects to blurt out confessions while on the witness stand. The roots of the character go back even further, from a series of novels starting in the 1930s to a radio serial that ran from the mid-1940s until the mid-’50s.

But HBO’s new pulpy, hard-boiled Perry Mason series wants you to forget about (most) of that. Instead, it sets out to be a gritty origin story – a prequel, even. Characters who exist in the Perry Mason canon all pop-up here, albeit in new forms. And then there’s Perry Mason himself, who starts the series off not as a savvy courtroom attorney, but rather a down-and-out private eye.

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perry mason trailer new

Things get dark and moody in the latest trailer for Perry Mason. This update on the old school courtroom drama show has the lead character in the 1930s, before he became a criminal defense attorney and made his bones as a private eye. Matthew Rhys leads a great cast that includes John Lithgow, Tatiana Maslany, Juliet Rylance, Chris Chalk, Shea Whigham, Stephen Root, Gayle Rankin, Nate Corddry, Veronica Falcon, Jefferson Mays, Lili Taylor, Andrew Howard, Eric Lange, and Robert Patrick. Watch the Perry Mason trailer below.

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perry mason trailer

Matthew Rhys is a private eye in the 1930s in Perry Mason, a new take on the 1950s-60s TV series that originally starred Raymond Burr. Perry Mason was a lawyer on that series, but this new HBO show promises to reveal the character’s “origins” working as a P.I. in 1931 Los Angeles. We probably didn’t need a Perry Mason origin story, but this looks pretty damn good. Watch the Perry Mason trailer below.

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perry mason sneak peek

The name’s Mason. Perry Mason. Sure, he doesn’t have the coolest name, but this legendary criminal defense lawyer is one of the oldest beloved American characters. At the very least, he’s played by Matthew Rhys in the upcoming HBO limited series, which lends him at least three more layers of cool. Executive produced by Robert Downey Jr. and based on the series of short stories and novels written by Erle Stanley Gardner, HBO’s Perry Mason is an updated take on the 1930s criminal defense lawyer who has appeared in several radio and TV shows including two series in 1957 and 1985 starring Raymond Burr.

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In this edition of TV Bits:

  • John Lithgow joins HBO’s Perry Mason reboot.
  • Watch a trailer for the new season of The Detour.
  • Annapurna will produce a series on the college admissions scandal.
  • Hilary Swank will head to space for the Netflix series Away.
  • She’s Gotta Have It season 2 releases its trailer.
  • Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience will launch a 20-city tour.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will have its own Black Mirror-style interactive special.

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perry mason cast

Step aside, Robert Downey Jr. – there’s a new Perry Mason in town, and it’s The Americans star Matthew Rhys.

Downey was all set to play the fictional defense attorney in a movie several years ago, but that project morphed into a limited series at HBO. Now the show is finally going to happen, but since Downey’s film commitments have gotten in the way, Rhys is taking over in the lead role. Read More »

Stephen King's It Game

In this edition of TV Bits:

  • Amazon reveals the first Lore trailer.
  • An It actor joins the cast of Locke & Key.
  • Netflix has developed its own strains of weed.
  • The truth behind Bryan Fuller parting with Star Trek: Discovery.
  • And more!

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Robert Downey Jr HBO Series

It remains unclear whether True Detective will return for a third season, following a critically acclaimed first season and a widely panned second one. But in the meantime, it looks like creator Nic Pizzolatto will have a different HBO project to keep him busy. He and Robert Downey Jr. are in talks for a drama series at HBO that’s probably a reworked version of the Perry Mason movie that Downey has been trying to get off the ground for a while.  Read More »

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Robert Downey Jr AMA

Back and forth we go with Iron Man 4. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t doing it, then he’s maybe doing it, then he’ll do it if Mel Gibson directs, then joked he’ll do it if Howard Stern directs. Honestly, there’s so much out there about the film, no one knows for sure what’s happening.

That was, until, Downey Jr. hit the couch on Ellen. When asked about Iron Man 4, Downey told the host that “Yes,” Iron Man 4 is happening.

Below, you can watch that video as well as read a ton of highlights from his recent AMA including teases that he’d love to cameo on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, updates on the development of Sherlock Holmes 3 and a Perry Mason film, possibly playing Doctor Who, the shift in marketing for The Judge, the likelihood of a Weird Science sequel, a few cryptic Avengers: Age of Ultron teases and the controversy of his Tropic Thunder character. Read the Robert Downey Jr AMA highlights below.

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