Noelle trailer

Noelle would seem to have all the necessary elements you’d want to find in a feature comedy: a few recognizable actors, a high-concept premise, a character arc, setpieces, etc. But there’s something just…off about the whole affair, from its opening moments. Maybe the key problem here is that the basic conclusion of the movie is such an obvious, foregone conclusion. Or maybe it’s that the humor is lifeless, or the emotion false and unearned. Whatever it is, Noelle is the kind of Christmas present that has shiny packaging and a whole lot of nothing behind all the wrappings.

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Noelle trailer

Remember Fred Claus, the 2007 film in which Vince Vaughn played Santa’s brother? Well, ’tis about to be the season for Noelle, a new Christmas comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader in which the two of them play Kris Kringle’s children. Take a guess which of them is the total mess and which one totally has their shit together! Find out the answer in the first trailer, which premiered this evening during the D23 Expo in Anaheim. Read More »

D23 Posters

The D23 Expo is officially underway, and while the first burst of news was chock-full of theme park updates, that’s not all that’s coming out of Disney’s big convention. Don’t forget that Disney+ is coming this fall, and the House of Mouse is making a big push for some of the original shows and (not so original) movies coming to the streaming service. All over The D23 Expo are official new D23 Disney+ posters for The Mandalorian, the remake of Lady and the Tramp, High School Musical: The Musical, and more. Read More »