hollywood first look

Ryan Murphy loves some glitz and glamor in his TV series — he’s played with the dark side of both in his acclaimed series Feud and American Crime Story. Now the screenwriter and director is tackling Tinseltown at its most glamorous with a new Netflix limited series Hollywood. The Netflix miniseries, co-created with frequent collaborator Ian Brennan, is a revisionist homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood, following a group of actors as they mingle with both real and fictional movie stars in post-World War II Hollywood. See the Hollywood first look images below.

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Hollywood Netflix

The always-busy Ryan Murphy has a new Netflix series debuting this May. It’s called Hollywood, and it’s set in post-World War II Tinseltown, following a group of aspiring film folk looking for their big break. The series features Darren Criss, Samara Weaving, Patti LuPone, and more. It also includes real-life figures from the era, including Rock Hudson.

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Hollywood sign

With the rise of Instagram, the area around Los Angeles’s iconic Hollywood sign has become inundated with tourists looking to capture the perfect selfie. The increased traffic to the residential areas below the sign have caused a huge headache for people who live there, and now Warner Bros. is swooping in with a suggestion for how to lighten the load: they’re offering to build a sky tram from their Burbank-based studio lot that travels over a mile up and leads to a visitor’s center near the sign.
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The It Experience

An empty parking lot once sat at the corner of Hollywood and Vine, but a two-story haunted house now towers above tourists as they traverse that intersection. This is The It Experience: Neibolt House Hollywood, an elaborate recreation of the house that will appear in the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and we have video from inside.

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Hollywood History

There are plenty of people out there who consider themselves movies buffs just because they watch tons of movies. However, to be a true cinephile, you must have an inherent desire to learn about the history of film, from its early beginnings in silent cinema through the creation of today’s contemporary studio system.

If you’re just now looking to learn more about the relatively short history of Tinseltown, then a new video runs through some of the finer points of the rise and fall of Hollywood, covering each era in a brief but informative way. It’s extremely basic, but it’s the perfect crash course for someone who is just starting to explore film history. Read More »


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