michael biehn's agent saved terminator

The Terminator is now a lucrative franchise with a sixth movie on the way. In 1984, it was a struggle just to get the studio to screen the original. film. Producer Gale Anne Hurd was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at Screamfest and spoke about her work before screenings of Aliens and The Terminator.

“Even though it’s commonplace today, the head of marketing there so hated the film, he didn’t want to screen it for critics,” Hurd said. “Back in 1984, that just wasn’t done. The head of marketing at Orion basically said, ‘We’re embarrassed to release this morning. It’s a down and dirty exploitation movie. Once word of mouth gets out, it’ll be out of theaters after the first weekend. You won’t even get a second weekend so we’re not even going to give you advertising support second weekend.’”

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Gale Anne Hurd Hippocratic Oath

Judgment Day was supposed to happen in 1997 according to Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The cautionary tale began in 1984’s The Terminator, which wasn’t the first science fiction tale to warn about artificial intelligence. Terminator co-writer and producer Gale Anne Hurd said that science fiction and other genres have been ahead of the curve on these matters, and she hopes real science catches up soon.

“Let’s hear it for science fiction, fantasy and horror,” Hurd said at a Screamfest Q&A before she was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. “Stephen Hawking only came up with the idea that we need to worry about A.I. and robots about two and a half years before he passed away. I remember saying to Jim, ‘If he’d only watched The Terminator.’”

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gale anne hurd sexism aliens

Gale Anne Hurd is one of most successful producers in Hollywood. She launched the Terminator franchise, gave Alien its first sequel, and currently oversees the Walking Dead universe on television. Like any woman in Hollywood, especially coming up in the ‘80s, Hurd has her own stories of sexism too. She shared some at a Screamfest Q&A before she was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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It’s rare for major studio blockbusters to have downer endings. The Terminator films sort of require it. They are about a nuclear apocalypse in which machines overpower humanity. The best victory afforded humans in those films is that the leader of the human resistance, John Connor, lives to defeat Skynet. Only Terminator 2: Judgment Day ends with the hope of averting the war, and subsequent sequels assured that the war rages on.

Back in 1984, there was no franchise to support The Terminator. The first film ends with Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) surviving after Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) sacrificed himself fighting the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger), but not before helping her conceive John Connor. Producer and co-writer Gale Anne Hurd recalled the development execs who wanted the original film to have a happier ending.

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Lore season 2 trailer

Amazon Prime showed up at San Diego Comic-Con International with the first trailer for Lore season 2. Adapted from the popular podcast series featuring horrific stories based on real-life events, the second season will get even darker and scarier than the first season. Check out the Lore season 2 below, find out when it will be released, and learn more about how the second season will be different from the first.

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hell fest

Update: A new press release informs us that Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead, 10 Cloverfield Lane, Happy Death Day) will compose the score for Hell Fest. Our original article follows.

In recent years, I’ve become a huge fan of haunted house attractions. Every year, Universal Studios and Knotts Berry Farm hold Halloween events with scary mazes which are a whole lot of fun. Some of my friends who love horror films absolutely refuse to ever go to these events. One of them even fears that she might be killed in a maze and nobody would notice and just think it’d part of the show, and her dead rotting carcass is just another gruesome prop in the set design.

Hell Fest is the movie version of that idea, and while the execution looks like a bland studio horror film, I’m intrigued enough by the idea and horror theme park setting to see this film in theaters. Check out the Hell Fest trailer below.

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aeon flux reboot series

Aeon Flux is returning to its small-screen roots. The cult series first aired on MTV as an experimental animated series in 1991, and was later adapted into a 2005 feature film starring Charlize Theron. But after the critical and commercial disappointment of the big-screen Aeon Flux, MTV is having another go at it — this time, on its home turf.

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walking dead lawsuit

AMC may be the one soon to be gutted after the network was hit by two subsequent lawsuits by current and former The Walking Dead creatives.

The Walking Dead producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Glen Mazzara, and David Alpert are suing the cable network over profits rights, alleging that AMC has perpetuated a profits scam by underpaying the studio and producers’ for the licensing fee. The potential damages for this case could reach $1 billion.

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Falling Water

Falling Water makes four Gale Anne Hurd shows on the air. She’s got AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, Syfy’s Hunters, and now this new show premiering on USA. Falling Water is from creator Blake Masters and his late partner Henry Brommell. Masters had to leave immediately after the Falling Water panel for the Television Critics Association to finish editing, so Hurd stayed back to complete more interviews.

Lizzie Brochere, David Ajala, and Will Yun Lee star in Falling Water. Tess (Brochere) has dreams about a child she apparently does not have in real life, until Bill Boerg (Zak Orth) offers her some concrete information… at a price. Burton (Ajala) is in love with a woman from his dreams, and Taka (Yun Lee) may be able to connect with his comatose mother via dreams. The three dreamers inevitably cross paths in this world where dreams impact waking life.  Read More »

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NBC Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a staple of the AMC lineup ever since it debuted to record numbers in 2010, even spawning two spinoffs, the chat show Talking Dead and the prequel series Fear the Walking Dead. But before it joined AMC, it almost made its home at NBC. And it had it wound up there, we would have seen a very, very different version of the show.

According to executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, NBC was initially intrigued by Frank Darabont‘s script for the show, but wondered if he might make it a zombie crime drama instead. Or even just get rid of the whole “zombie” angle altogether. Uh… what?  Read More »