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In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • The new Evil Dead movie will start filming this year.
  • Coming 2 America had to cut a joke referencing the first film because Eriq La Salle couldn’t return.
  • Joe Cornish once again swears that a potential Attack the Block sequel might be headed our way.
  • Lupin team Omar Sy and Louis Leterrier are making On The Other Side Of The Tracks sequel.
  • Uma Thurman has joined the Stargirl sequel.
  • The Resident Evil reboot is now called Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.
  • There’s going to be a remake of the Daniel Craig horror movie Dream House. Yes, really.
  • Eddie Murphy is still open to Beverly Hills Cop 4.
  • Stephen Lang talks about returning for Avatar 2.

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The years since Jim Sheridan‘s great film In America have been filled with a couple of strange choices: the 50 Cent movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and the remake of Susanne Bier’s Brothers. (The latter being a film I liked in part, but the idea of remaking it still seems like a strange choice.)

Now here’s Dream House, which looks like it might be a too-predictable wacky thriller in which Daniel Craig gets to go a little bit crazy. He moves into a new home with his wife (Rachel Weisz, now his real-life bride as well) and children, only to discover that the previous inhabitants were murdered. From there, Daniel Craig goes off the rails a bit as he discovers that his own past might not be what he assumed it to be. This is definitely a trailer that appears to show too much, but what it might really show is that Dream House is going to be a tough sell. Check it out after the break. Read More »

The Sandlot’s Marty “Yeah-Yeah” York and Patrick “Ham” Renna reunite at LA Fitness in Hollywood where York is a personal trainer. [tmz via tdw]

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Here are two first looks, one of Jim Sheridan‘s domestic thriller Dream House, with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts, and then one of the ‘body-switching’ comedy The Change-Up, in which Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds find their personalities swapped into one another’s bodies. The second image and info on both films, after the break. Read More »

Briefly: This is an update to a story that first cropped up a couple months back when Daniel Craig was in talks to join David Fincher‘s version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Mr. Craig shot a lead role in Jim Sheridan‘s thriller Dream House earlier this year, alongside Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz, but to make the scheduled February 18 release date, reshoots are required.

Problem is, Daniel Craig is busy with David Fincher now, and won’t be available to take part in the full-cast reshoots for Dream House until December. So that Toronto shoot has been postponed until then. That puts the Dream House release date as TBD, too. The film is about “a successful New York publisher (Craig) who moves his wife (Weisz) and children to a New England town, where they buy the home of their dreams. But the dream is shattered when they learn that the previous tenants were murdered. The husband teams with a neighbor (Watts) to learn the truth about the crime.”

Assuming these reshoots take place in December, we’ll see three Daniel Craig movies in 2011: Dream House, Cowboys & Aliens on July 29 and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo on December 21. [Variety]


An adaptation of the video game Kane & Lynch: Dead Men has been in development at Lionsgate, with a script by Kyle Ward and Bruce Willis seemingly set to star as Kane. Now Jamie Foxx is apparently the co-star, news which first cropped up on Ward’s Twitter feed. That update has been deleted, but Deadline and a handful of others are running with it, and Foxx’s publicist has yet to deny.

That’s actually a pretty great pairing for Willis. Simon Crane is directing. Willis would be Adam “Kane” Marcus, “a mercenary who makes an unlikely alliance with the schizophrenic killer named James Lynch (Foxx). The duo is forced on a mission to retrieve a stolen microchip.”

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The cast for Jim Sheridan‘s new film Dream House has shaped up to be pretty impressive. We’ve had Daniel Craig and Naomi Watts so far; now Rachel Weisz has entered the fray. She’ll play Craig’s wife. He’s “a successful publisher who quits his Gotham job and relocates his wife and two daughters to a quaint New England town, only to discover that their perfect new home was the murder scene of a mother and her two children.”

There’s a bit more to the script than that, but I’m shying away from posting all the spoilery stuff here. Suffice to say that I’m curious about what Sheridan will do with the picture. [Variety]

After the break, Cate Blanchett joins Joe Wright’s assassin film Hanna and Katherine Heigl enables an adaptation of a long-running series of thriller novels. Read More »


Want to see Russell Brand play the Easter Bunny? You won’t be able to see him do so, exactly, but you’ll hear his voice bringing the venerable Hallmark card company mainstay to life in I Hop. Described as “the world’s worst houseguest,” Brand’s bunny is accidentally injured by an unemployed slacker played by James Marsden, who then allows the holiday creature to crash at his house. As one might expect, wacky hijinks ensue.

The film is planned as a live-action / CGI blend, which seemingly describes a great many movies these days, but in this case is meant to imply that Brand’s Easter Bunny will be CGI while the rest of the film is live action. Tim Hill (Alvin and the Chipmunks) is directing. The script is by Cinco Paul, Ken Daurio and Brian Lynch. The trade report says that both characters eventually “learn what it takes to finally grow up,” but hopefully they’ll do the growing up during the credits, and leave most of the movie to the funny stuff. [THR]

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Daniel Craig Joins Jim Sheridan’s Dream House


As soon as Get Rich or Die Tryin’ was released, starring a then-hot 50 Cent, it was evident that the climb back up to respectability might be a long one for Jim Sheridan, the guy who previously impressed us with films like My Left Foot and In the Name of the Father. I’m not sure how much good Brothers, his upcoming film with Jake Gyllenhall, Natalie Portman and Tobey Mgauire, will do. (Premise is great, trailer has me worried.) But I’m now a lot more interested in his follow-up Dream House, because Daniel Craig is joining the cast. Read More »

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