Jurassic Park shoes

When you walk into a room wearing Jurassic Park sneakers, does John Williams’ theme music suddenly start blaring from whatever speakers happen to be in that room? I suppose we’ll soon find out, because Reebok is about to release the Jurassic Park x Reebok Instapump Fury from designer Steven Smith sometime this year. The release of these shoes was originally set to coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Dominion, but even though that film has been delayed due to the pandemic, that’s not going to stop these shoes from stomping their way out into the world. Check out some more photos below.
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The Mandalorian - Baby Yoda Punched

There have been plenty of perplexing pieces of Star Wars merchandise in the long history of the sci-fi saga, ranging from a sucker molded like the tongue of Jar Jar Binks to Darth Vader riding an Imperial chopper motorcycle. But a new version of the handheld game Bop It! cross-branded with the Star Wars series The Mandalorian is about to give those silly toys a run for their money, because it will tell you to bop, twist and pull the bounty known only as The Child, or as fans call him, Baby Yoda. Read More »

Frozen 2 Doll Set

Frozen 2 has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office, but there might be even more money to be made on the merchandise side of the market. Plenty of toys, clothes, lunchboxes, candy and more are being sold with the Frozen brand plastered all over them. But none seem as tacky or ludicrous as a new Frozen 2 doll set that costs $30,000. That’s right, for roughly the price of a college education, you can get Anna, Elsa and Olaf. So why the hell do they cost so much? Find out below. Read More »

Julia Roberts As Harriet Tubman

Cynthia Erivo recently brought Harriet Tubman to life in Kasi Lemmons‘ biopic Harriet. But back in the 1990s, things could’ve gone very, very differently. According to Harriet screenwriter Gregory Allen Howard, an attempt to get the movie made back in 1994 resulted in one studio executive suggesting Julia Roberts for the role of the African-American abolitionist.

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Rudy KFC Commercial

It’s football season again, and you might have seen Rudy being tossed around cable recently. It’s one of the most beloved sports movies of all-time, and a lot of the praise for that movie is undoubtedly inspired by the final game, where Sean Astin finally gets to bring the legacy of Rudy Ruettiger to life. It’s all to the sound of Jerry Goldsmith‘s incredible score. And now all that inspiration is being used to sell Kentucky Fried Chicken (or KFC as it needs to be called) in the goofiest way imaginable.
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Alien vs Predator Football Video Game

Even though the Alien and Predator franchises have both gone in some weird directions over the years, their individual missteps pale in comparison to the insanity of the Alien vs Predator franchise. The war between these two interstellar species began in Dark Horse comic books back in 1989, and it came to arcades not long after in 1994. But sometime in the mid-90s, that battle almost came to video game consoles in a completely unexpected fashion: a cosmic football game. That’s right, there was almost an Alien vs Predator football video game set in the distant future. Find out all about it below. Read More »

Urban Outfitters VHS tapes

Urban Outfitters never misses a trick, and when they’re not selling overpriced t-shirts, they’re cashing in on nostalgia. Case in point: the store is now selling a “mystery box” featuring 5 random used VHS tapes. And it will only set you back $40!

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sarcophagus screenings

Do you love movies and the sweet embrace of death? Then I have some good news. The Goteborg Film Festival is offering “sarcophagus screenings,” where filmgoers will be offered the opportunity to watch a movie while sealed inside a coffin. Don’t worry, though: you’ll be safe and above ground. The coffins will have screens, speakers and air vents, and rotting skeletons still wearing their moldy burial clothes! Okay, I made that last part up.

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WTF: A24 is Selling the Scent of Movie Genres as Candles

A24 Movie Genre Candles

If you’re a /Film reader, it’s likely because you find something entrancing and magical about film and television. The sights and sounds captured on camera come together to tell a story that aims to move you, whether it’s with tears, cheers or laughter. But what about the smells of cinema? Thankfully, arthouse distributor A24 has you covered in that department.

Over at the A24 shop, which features some fun memorabilia tied to this year’s movies such as Lady Bird, Eighth Grade, Hereditary and Mid90s, you can now pick up a line of candles that are said to have scents inspired by the films of the horror, western, thriller, noir, adventure and musical genres. Seriously.

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Savage World Horror Action Figures

Do you remember the old Masters of the Universe action figures that gave the characters impossibly buff bodies for kids to play out epic fantasy fights on the living room floor? Well, those retro designs for action figures are being brought back for a new line of figures from Funko called Savage World. The toy line will give characters from the likes of Thundercats and Conan the Barbarian the buff treatment, and that makes perfect sense. But part of this new action figure line-up is positively perplexing.

Funko has unveiled a line of Savage World Horror figures that give the buff body action figure treatment to some of horror’s most iconic slashers. So for those of you who have always wanted to see insanely muscular versions of the killers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Hellraiser and Friday the 13th, these action figures are for you. Read More »