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Woody Allen‘s upcoming film, Café Society, will soon premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Less than two months after its festival debut, we’ll all get a chance to see Allen’s latest, courtesy of Amazon. Set in the 1930s, the comedy stars Jesse EisenbergKristen Stewart, Steve Carell (who replaced Bruce Willis), Corey StollParker Posey, Blake Lively, Paul Schneider, Judy Davis, and will potentially feature a voiceover from Allen.

Below, watch a handful of Café Society clips.

Allen and Eisenberg last worked together on To Rome with Love. Everything we’ve seen so far from Café Society, including the trailer and these clips, makes their latest collaboration look more enticing than their previous film. Although To Rome with Love is a pretty disappointing Allen film, Eisenberg gives a charming performance, especially whenever he’s acting with Alec Baldwin. With Café Society, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star is also reuniting with Kristen Stewart for the third time, following Adventureland and last year’s America Ultra. Eisenberg and Stewart, as they were their previous films together, look like a charming pair in Allen’s latest.

Here are the Cafe Society clips (via The Film Stage):




Allen’s last picture was Irrational Man, a pretty dark and fascinating existential comedy. That film and Blue Jasmine are two of Allen’s more recent bleaker efforts, but Café Society appears tonally more similar to Magic in the Moonlight and Midnight in Paris. The director hasn’t made another film recently that’s matched the success of Midnight in Paris, but that’s no matter. Allen makes so many movies that, if one or two of them doesn’t turn out so well, they’re easy to overlook. Plus, when the director does make a hit these days, it’s usually pretty special, and let’s hope that’s the case for Café Society, which does look quite fun and pleasant.

Here’s the official synopsis:

New York in the 1930s. As he has more and more trouble putting up with his bickering parents, his gangster brother and the family jewelry store, Bobby Dorfman feels like he needs a change of scenery! So he decides to go and try his luck in Hollywood where his high-powered agent uncle Phil hires him as an errand boy. In Hollywood he soon falls in love but unfortunately the girl has a boyfriend. Bobby settles for friendship – up until the day the girl knocks at his door, telling him her boyfriend just broke up with her. All of a sudden Bobby’s life takes a new turn, and a very romantic one at that.

Lionsgate and Amazon Studios will release Café Society in limited release on July 15th, and a few months later the film will be made available to stream on Amazon.

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