Shae Sennett

New York
Hunter College
  • Shae has written film-focused pieces for established publications such as Screen Slate, Screen Rant, and others.
  • She has worked closely with NYC-based independent film organizations like Le Cinema Club and the Film-maker's Cooperative.
  • While receiving her education at Hunter College, she received the Lumiere Award for distinguished work in cinema studies.


Shae is a writer based in New York City with a focus in film and television. She has published reviews and other written work for Screen Slate, Screen Rant, and other renowned film journals. She has particular expertise in independent and experimental cinema, having worked under organizations like Le Cinema Club, a streaming platform, and the Film-maker's Cooperative, a 16mm archive.


Shae studied at Hunter College and graduated in 2021 with a dual bachelor's degree in English and Film. Her work in English earned her special departmental honors, while her work in cinema studies earned her the distinguished Lumiere Award.
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