VOTD: Every 3D Movie is the Same

Watch enough movies, and you’ll find that you occasionally walk out of the theater sometimes with the vaguely disappointing feeling that you’ve just shelled out $14 to see a movie you’re already seen before. Sometimes, it’s no surprise that a film looks derivative — did anyone really expect Underworld: Awakening to wow us with its originality, for example? — but even great movies fall prey to old habits sometimes. The Avengers was exhilarating, but Lord knows we’ve seen the dear old Big Apple demolished more than a few times before, and often in very similar ways at that.

The Funny or Die folks point out the most familiar repeating shots and motifs in a video titled “Every 3D Movie is the Same.” Unfortunately, it seems their theoretical fact-checkers were dozing on the job, since a handful of the movies they cite were not, in fact, released in 3D. But even so, their point stands. Perhaps they should’ve just retitled it “Every Studio Action Movie is the Same”? Watch it after the jump.

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A slew of new clips were released over the weekend, offering better looks at possible future summer blockbusters Green Lantern, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and 30 Minutes or Less. Whether you want to see the gorgeous world of Oa, an evil alien robot copy machine, or Aziz Ansari molding the future leaders of tomorrow, we’ve got something for you. (If you want none of those things, though, you’re out of luck.) See the clips after the jump.

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Transformers 3 Plot Revealed

The official plot synopsis for Michael Bay‘s upcoming third Transformers film, Transformers: The Dark Of The Moon, has been leaked online via the Amazon product description of the official “Transformers 3 Push-Pops Board Book”. Hit the jump to read the plot synopsis now.

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Director Michael Bay and his Transformers movies just can’t catch a break. Who could forget when star Shia LaBeouf got badly injured making Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? Or when a female extra was left with brain damage after an accident during filming of the third film in Chicago? (She recently filed a lawsuit against the production.) Well, the hits just keep on coming. Literally. Monday afternoon, a Washington D.C. police officer responding to an emergency call narrowly missed crashing into Optimus Prime before slamming into Bumblebee on the set of the Transformers: The Dark of the Moon and it was beautifully caught on tape by a local news team. We’ve got the video and details after the jump but there’s no word if the Decpticons were behind the accident. Read More »


Months ago, we heard that the opening of the third Transformers film would partially take place on the moon, and now there’s a full title for the film that helps the opening make more sense. According to Seibertron and some Amazon listings, and confirmed by Collider, the title of the film is Transformers: The Dark of the Moon. Sshh…no one tell Pink Floyd. Read More »