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We’ve been waiting for more details about the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge hotel for months, and the curtain was pulled back tonight during the D23 Expo. Bob Chapek, Disney’s head of parks, introduced attendees to the Halcyon, the name of the Star Wars galactic star cruiser that will serve as a lodging place for paying visitors at the Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando. Check out some new photos below. Read More »

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Food Menu

When Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opened in Disneyland this summer, it was groundbreaking for a few reasons. Not only was it the first theme park expansion dedicated entirely to Star Wars, but Oga’s Cantina marked the first time that alcohol would be available in the park outside of the the exclusive Club 33 and other private events on park grounds. Now, Walt Disney World in Florida will offer another first in Galaxy’s Edge when it opens in August: alcoholic beverages will be available in the land there outside of Oga’s Cantina. Read More »

ghost town is alive

Over the weekend, we adventured to Knott’s Berry Farm to experience Ghost Town Alive, the fully immersive Westworld-style storytelling experience on National Cowboys Day. Watch a video of our experience and see why I believe that Knott’s is successfully doing what Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is missing.

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On Friday’s episode of Ordinary Adventures, we return to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to take a look at more ridiculous merchandise being sold in Star Wars Land. As we said in our original video, we love that Batuu sells some insanely obscure prop replicas that only real Star Wars fans could love. We profiled the most ridiculous Star Wars prop replicas and Galaxys Edge merchandise in a video, which has become one of most popular videos to date. In today’s video, we return to Batuu to show you a few things that just didn’t make it into our initial video.

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crashing the millennium falcon in galaxys edge

Last month we ran an experiment to see what would happen if you rode the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge without touching a button or controlling the steering. The result was one of our most popular videos, and you can watch that here. We have returned to Batuu to run another experiment, this time we are trying to crash the Millenium Falcon. Oh, of course, you can’t crash the ship — there is no fail state, this is a theme park ride after all. But we’re going to do our best to hit everything we possibly can. The gunners are going to shoot at nothing as much as they possibly can and the Engineers will fix nothing and do nothing. The purpose? Let’s see what the lowest possible score we can get on this Star Wars Land ride.

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Theme Park Bits Disney Skyliner

In this edition of Theme Park Bits:

  • The Disney Skyliner has an opening date.
  • A Disney relative visited Disneyland recently, and wasn’t happy with what she found.
  • Learn about the rock work in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge
  • Universal Studios Orlando’s Passholder Appreciation Days have been revealed
  • And more!

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star wars galaxys edge tips and tricks

We returned to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland to bring you some exciting tips, tricks and easter eggs. These are not the usual easter eggs that everyone points out (REALLY? There’s a Wampa in Dok Ondars? I never noticed). Here we present to you nothing too obvious —  these are some references that span the prequel, original and sequel trilogies, as well as the Star Wars Story standalone films.  And hopefully, some tips that will impress your hardcore Disneyland fanatic friends.

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Rise of the Resistance opening

One of the few disappointments regarding the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California was that Rise of the Resistance, the new expansion’s most advanced ride, would not be ready in time for the land’s grand debut. But now the official opening dates have been revealed for both Disneyland and Disney World, and they’re accompanied by a cool new poster featuring Kylo Ren looming over the action. Get all the details below. Read More »

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, the first ride to open in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, puts you in the cockpit of the most famous hunk of junk in the galaxy. It’s a fully-interactive motion simulator which puts you and a group of five people on a smuggling mission with Han Solo’s infamous ship. But we’ve been wondering, what happens if you don’t do anything? What happens if the pilots don’t steer the ship? What happens if the gunners don’t fire at the incoming tie fighters and obstacles? What happens if the engineers don’t fix the damage? What happens if you don’t pull the lever to jump to hyperspace? We attempted to conduct an experiment to find out. Watch and see what happens.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is filled with awesome photo opportunities. It’s easy to get a great photo in Batuu, but we have some tips and tricks for you that will up your Instagram game while visiting Black Spire Outpost. We will tell you about often overlooked locations that produce awesome Star Wars photos, and we’ll also share some secret tips that you might not know about.

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