Did Tommy Wiseau Actually Direct ‘The Room?’

When discussing the merits, or demerits, of the The Room, only one name comes to mind: Tommy Wiseau. The mysterious mad man is credited with starring, writing, producing and directing the 2003 film that’s so bad it’s become a midnight pop culture phenomenon. However, in the February 18 issue of Entertainment Weekly, some new facts have come to light that question if Wiseau actually directed his movie.

Veteran filmmaker Sandy Schklair was hired as a script supervisor and, according to him, he was also asked by Wiseau to more or less direct the movie. Schklair and one of the actors have come out and said Wiseau was too busy acting to actually do his directorial duties such as talk to the actors or make sense of the script. And now – as crazy as it might sound – Schklair wants a directing credit on the film. Read more about this controversy after the jump. Read More »