robert pattinson producing deal

After spending more than 15 years in front of the camera, actor Robert Pattinson (Twilight, High Life) is now getting into producing.

The actor has signed an overall first-look producing deal with Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Television, New Line Cinema, and HBO Max for theatrical, streaming, and television properties. If he can apply the same eye for talent that he’s used to bolster his own acting career, he should be able to use his clout to develop some truly idiosyncratic and fascinating stuff.
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the batman release date

The Caped Crusader’s COVID-troubled production has finally wrapped. The Batman director Matt Reeves announced the end of production following more than a full year of filming in the U.K. amid COVID-19 shutdowns and delays. The filmmaker marked the end of filming with an Instagram photo of his last day on set.

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The Devil All the Time Scene

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, director Antonio Campos walks us through scene from The Devil All the Time with Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland. Plus, see how the crew at Weta Workshop is creating a huge miniature of Hobbiton as a place to display their collection of Hobbit Hole collectible sculptures. And finally, listen as Super 8 and The Great star Elle Fanning teaches you Georgia slang. Read More »

the batman production

The Batman is resuming production. Robert Pattinson has been cleared to once again stalk the streets of Gotham City after his positive COVID-19 test brought production to a screeching halt just three days after the Warner Bros. comic book film had resumed filming in London.

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the devil all the time review

Sprawling and brutal, The Devil All the Time is not for the impatient or the squeamish. Adapted rather faithfully from Donald Ray Pollock’s novel of the same name, Antonio Campos‘ star-studded Southern gothic tracks a group of sinners through time as they all mill about the unincorporated area known as Knockemstiff, Ohio, leaving a trail of death, sorrow, and regret in their wake. It can be an overwhelmingly bleak film, but there’s a glimmer of hope shining through all that darkness – the hope of escaping the insane world you find yourself stuck in.

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the batman trailer


It’s been just three days since The Batman production restarted in the United Kingdom at the Warner Bros. studio in Leavesden. But the movie directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson is temporarily suspending principal photography after one of the crew members tested positive for COVID-19.

UPDATE: It turns out Robert Pattinson is the one who tested positive for COVID-19, according to Vanity Fair. Our original story follows below. Read More »

Christopher Nolan Interview

Director Christopher Nolan has been virtually making the publicity rounds in support of the release of Tenet in movie theaters across several international markets. Though there’s been a lot of discussion about whether it’s responsible or smart for Warner Bros. Pictures to release Tenet in theaters right now, especially in the United States, Nolan hasn’t directly addressed the issue himself. But in a recent interview, the director did discuss the idea of his film being labeled as the savior of movie theaters during this difficult time.

Outside of Tenet, the filmmaker behind The Dark Knight Trilogy was inevitably questioned about the casting of his Tenet co-star Robert Pattinson as the latest iteration of The Caped Crusader in Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman. In fact, Pattinson found out that he landed the role of Batman while on the set of Tenet, and Nolan chatted about the vibe on set after the casting news broke. Read More »

the batman trailer breakdown

The Batman trailer arrived during DC FanDome, and it did not disappoint. Even though Matt Reeves and company only shot a small portion of the film before having to shut down production due to coronavirus, the filmmaker was still able to cut together a solid, atmospheric look at the latest take on the Dark Knight. It has the trappings we’d expect from a Batman flick: it’s moody, it’s gothic, it has lots of scenes of people standing in the rain. But it also looks different. Grungier. Scarier. It almost looks like a remake of Seven (or Se7en, if you want to be a jerk about it) that just happens to feature Batman. So let’s dive into the footage and see what’s going on here, shall we? Read More »

the batman trailer new

The first trailer for The Batman arrived as part of DC FanDome, and folks – it’s fantastic. I’ll confess to being a little skeptical about yet another Batman movie, but everything here works, and works exceedingly well. I’m now even more excited to see what else Matt Reeves has in store for us, and how Robert Pattinson interprets the role of the Caped Crusader. Watch The Batman trailer below.

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scott pilgrim vs. the world trivia

It’s been a decade since we discovered bread made us fat, but Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s cult classic status has not dimmed since its release in 2010. Rather, the love for this marvel of star power combined with director Edgar Wright‘s video game stylings has only gotten stronger, and that’s not just because it’s given us a few Marvel stars like Chris Evans and Brie Larson.

On the 10th anniversary of the release of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, a flood of love for the film from fans and the cast has arrived, along with a flood of new trivia and behind-the-scenes stories. Did you know Robert Pattinson was almost an Evil Ex? That Michael Cera and Chris Evans worked out together? And what’s up with that “no blinking” rule?

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