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Believe it or not, Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore have never made a movie together. But that’s about to change. Portman and Moore are set to star in May December, a new film from acclaimed filmmaker Todd Haynes (Carol). The film focuses on the story of a woman who married a man 23 years her junior, resulting in a tabloid romance. It’s been 20 years since the relationship first made headlines, and now a movie is being made about the story, and the actress who is set to play the woman comes to spend time with the couple.

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lisey's story review

“Behind every great man is a great woman,” as the saying goes, and when he wrote Lisey’s Story, Stephen King wanted to pay tribute to his wife, Tabitha. While King claims the book isn’t a replica of his own personal life, he’s made it clear that Lisey’s Story was also, in some ways, Tabitha King’s story. On top of that, the prolific writer has said for years that he wanted to turn Lisey’s Story into a TV series.

King finally gets his wish with the Apple TV+ series Lisey’s Story, a maddeningly muddled saga that starts off remarkably strong before going completely downhill. King is on hand to write all the scripts, something he’s never really done before for a TV series, and it shows. There’s nothing episodic here. It’s one sprawling story; a novel uncomfortably stretched across eight episodes.

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Lisey's Story Trailer

It’s been a hot second since we’ve had ourselves a new Stephen King adaptation, but thankfully Lisey’s Story is on the way to change that. Based on King’s 2006 novel, this Apple TV+ miniseries stars Julianne Moore as the widow of an author (of course there’s an author character; this is a Stephen King story after all) who finds herself suddenly remembering things she deliberately blocked out of her marriage. On top of that, she’s being pursued by a psycho who wants her dead husband’s unpublished work. And if those things weren’t enough, she’s also able to suddenly enter an alternate dimension. Or is she? Watch the Lisey’s Story trailer below.

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the glorias trailer

Gloria Steinem is a feminist icon so multifaceted that she needs more than one actress to portray her. So says The Glorias trailer, which stars Julianne Moore, Alicia VikanderLulu Wilson, and Ryan Keira Armstrong as Gloria Steinem, the envelope-pushing activist at the forefront of the second-wave feminist movement in the 1970s. The star-studded biopic, based on Steinem’s memoir My Life on the Road, tells the life of the activist in a “nontraditional biopic” that promises to put a twist on the tired genre. Watch The Glorias trailer below.

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The Glorias Trailer

Gloria Steinem is an American icon, journalist, and social political activist who became the face of the feminist movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Now the story of her revolutionary life is getting an unconventional biopic from Across the Universe director Julie Taymor.

Inspired by Gloria Steinem’s biography My Life on the Road, The Glorias will tell the feminist’s story at various stages of her life, from her childhood years to the 1977 National Women’s Conference and several moments in between and beyond. And playing Steinem will be four different actresses: Julianne Moore, Alicia Vikander, Lulu Wilson, and Ryan Keira Armstrong. Watch The Glorias trailer below for a peek at the movie. Read More »

dear evan hansen cast

A movie adaptation of the popular musical Dear Evan Hansen has been in the works since 2018, and its casting is really starting to ramp up. This past Friday, Oscar nominee Amy Adams was hired to play the mother of a dead teenager at the center of the story. Today, Oscar winner Julianne Moore is the latest person to join the Dear Evan Hansen cast. Learn about Moore’s role below.
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Apple and A24 are uniting for Sharper, a new film starring Julianne MooreSharper follows a con artist, which comes from writers Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. There’s really not a whole lot to go on here – no director, no synopsis, no clue as to what type of film this is going to be. But this is just the latest title in the Apple/A24 partnership – a partnership that also includes Sofia Coppola’s On The Rocks and The Sky is Everywhere.

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when you finish saving the world movie

Several naturally curly-haired actors are putting their heads together for a buzzy comedy-drama, When You Finish Saving the World. Based on the Audible drama series written by and starring Jesse Eisenberg, the feature film is set to star Oscar winner Julianne Moore and Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard, with Eisenberg at the helm as writer and director. And in one more piece of buzzy involvement, Eisenberg’s Zombieland co-star Emma Stone is set to produce the film. Quite a star-studded affair for an adaptation of an Audible series that hasn’t been released yet.

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the staggering girl trailer

Luca Guadagnino seems to have gotten a taste for atmospheric horror after dipping his toes in the genre with his remake of Suspiria in 2018. His follow-up short film, The Staggering Girl has that creepy giallo-inspired effect to it, with stars Julianne Moore and Kyle MachLachlan making their way through a version of Rome that is much more unsettling than the one that Guadagnino showed in his dreamy romance Call Me By Your Name. Watch The Staggering Girl trailer below.

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lisey's story cast clive owen

The Apple TV+ miniseries adaptation of Stephen King‘s Lisey’s Story has added a new cast member. Clive Owen will appear alongside Julianne Moore, whom he appeared alongside in Children of Men. Owen’s role is likely to be a bit limited since his character is dead by the time the story starts (that’s not a spoiler, I promise). King’s novel follows a novelist’s widow who discovers secrets about her dead husband.

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