james wan the flash

James Wan swims into the world of superheroes this week with Aquaman, but things could’ve turned out very differently. According to Wan, Warner Bros. offered him the chance to make either an Aquaman movie, or a film about The Flash. In Wan’s eyes, this was a no brainer: Aquaman all the way. As the filmmaker tells it, making a film about the Atlantean superhero gave him a chance to give audiences something they hadn’t seen before. More on the potential James Wan The Flash movie below.

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James Wan Blade reboot

The Conjuring director James Wan is making his first foray into superhero movies this month with Aquaman. But long before he dove under the sea with Jason Momoa, Wan hoped to make a completely different superhero picture: a Blade reboot.

Wan revealed his hopes to reboot Blade in a recent interview, but also clarified that this happened so long ago he can’t really remember what the idea was.

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Aquaman fight scene

Aquaman is about to splash into theaters in just a few days, but a clip from the movie has emerged that hardcore fans may want to see early. It’s a fight scene involving Nicole Kidman‘s Queen Atlanna, and it takes place all in one long continuous shot. Most “oners” find ways to stitch multiple takes together in post-production, but not this one – director James Wan told us it was actually done in one shot, and you can read him talk about the difficulty of executing it below. Read More »

aquaman review

Aquaman is a movie that shouldn’t work. You’ve got Nicole Kidman eating a live goldfish in one scene, and an octopus playing the bongos in another — plus an absurd number of men sticking their heads down toilets (actually it’s just once, but it feels like a bit that goes on forever). And yet James Wan’s aquatic comic book movie is a total blast to watch.

On the heels of his scene-stealing introduction in last year’s Justice League, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman finally gets his own solo outing in an epic, sprawling adventure that is more than a match for his wild surfer bro superhero that spawned so many memes. Wan has managed to build an entire movie around Momoa’s laid-back hyper-masculine persona and uses it as a launchpad to create a staggeringly ambitious, visually overwhelming movie that crashes into you like a tidal wave.

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aquaman box office china

Looks like the Aquaman box office is going to be even better than expected. Early tracking was already strong, but the superhero film appears to be riding a wave of positive buzz all the way to the top. The early estimate had Aquaman looking at a possible $65 million opening weekend – but that number is much higher now. In addition to that, the James Wan movie is looking at a massive opening in China this weekend, resulting in a record breaking Middle Kingdom opening for Warner Bros.

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‘Aquaman’ Sequel Already Being Planned

aquaman sequel

Aquaman has yet to swim into theaters, but that won’t stop Warner Bros. from planning for his future. Early ticket sales have been so promising that the folks at WB are already in talks for a sequel that will bring Jason Momoa‘s aquatic hero back for another fishy adventure. While sequels can often seem inevitable to any and all superhero movies, poor reaction to previous Warner Bros. DC films has slowed momentum on several projects. But Aquaman is apparently about to make a big splash.  Read More »

aquaman clip

Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, has a lot of work to do if he wants to become both the king and hero of Atlantis. First step: get a shiny new trident! In this Aquaman clip, Jason Momoa‘s undersea superhero meets with Willem Dafoe to learn all about taking control of his destiny. Watch the Aquaman clip below.

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aquaman press conference

“Whoa!” Jason Momoa’s deep, raspy voice exclaimed upon setting his eyes on the Madame Tussaud wax mannequin of himself at the Aquaman press conference in New York City. Suddenly, the 39-year-old actor was like a kid in a candy store, staring deeply at his incredibly accurate wax likeness with the kind of sparkle in his eyes reserved for children seeing a superhero for the first time. But he’s not the only one to have that exact reaction.

“My first experience wearing the suit, it was really beautiful and I’ve actually never told [director James Wan] this,” Momoa said. “I put it on, I didn’t have a mirror, and I come out of wardrobe and I get to see his face. He’s always extremely passionate and lets you know right away. But the absolute joy — he looked like a kid — he beamed, ‘I did it.’ He was super proud, and he didn’t have to say anything, I could see it on his face.”

For Momoa, director James Wan, and fellow cast members Amber Heard and Patrick Wilson, who joined them at the Aquaman press junket on Saturday, December 1 in New York City, Aquaman is about extending that childlike wonder of seeing a favorite superhero come to life to an entire movie. And no, it’s not just about wax mannequins — however eerily similar they are (“I can blame everything that goes wrong on it!” Momoa exclaimed). Momoa, Wan, Heard, and Wilson discussed the personal and mythic elements that went into Aquaman, and the long road to bringing it to the big screen.

Here are some of the splashiest things we learned about the making of Aquaman ahead of the film’s release on December 21, 2018.

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Aquaman Trailer

All right, the last Aquaman trailer we featured was said to be the “final” one, but that’s only here in the United States. Our friends over in China recently got a new trailer, and it has plenty of new footage from the upcoming DC Comics superhero movie starring Jason Momoa. Most of the new stuff is all of the underwater action spectacle that will help Aquaman stand out from the rest of the comic book fare. Check out the new international Aquaman trailer below if you’re hungry for more footage. Read More »

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