Dunkirk Script

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to dialogue-heavy movies, mostly because his films like Inception and Interstellar require plenty of exposition in order for the audience to fully understand the complex sci-fi concepts at work. But when it comes to his World War II drama Dunkirk, the filmmaker relied on significantly less dialogue, instead letting tension and suspense fill the screen as the action sequences unfolded. In fact, Nolan once considered shooting the movie without a script at all. Read More »

Christopher Nolan directing Interstellar

Maybe he doesn’t go on about “mystery boxes,” but in his own way Christopher Nolan is as stubbornly secretive as any filmmaker out there. For example, we’ve known for months that Nolan was working on a new movie to open in 2017 — but until a few days ago, we had no idea what it was about or even what genre it’d be in.

Still, not even Nolan can keep every detail under lock and key forever, and today a few more details have trickled out about his next effort. As it turns out, Nolan’s next directorial effort is indeed a World War II drama. According to a new report, it’s called Dunkirk, and Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and Mark Rylance are already in talks to star in it. (There’s no word yet on whether Nolan’s good-luck charm Michael Caine will also be involved, though we wouldn’t bet against it.) Read More »

For a few months we’ve known that Wally Pfister, the cinematographer who has shot all of Christopher Nolan‘s major work from Memento on, would be making his directorial debut with a top-secret film. We’ve known that Nolan and Emma Thomas are producing, and Pfister said not long ago that “it’s a present-day science fiction film, a fairly big concept. It’s bigger budget — not as big as “Batman,” but not independent.”

Other than those tidbits we’ve known nothing, not even a title. Now we know the film is called Transcendence, and that Johhny Depp is in talks to star.

Edit: While the original news break called the film “Transendence,” as originally spelled here, it appears that was wrong, and the title uses the standard spelling Transcendence.

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One of the best things about the films of Christopher Nolan is Wally Pfister‘s cinematography. In March, we told you that Pfister would be making the leap to director after The Dark Knight Rises is fully finished. (And hopefully not leaving cinematography behind, as Jan De Bont and Barry Sonnenfeld did.)

At the time we had little info on the film that Pfister plans to direct. Now we know that Nolan and his wife and business partner Emma Thomas will produce the film that Alcon Entertainment is financing. Sadly, we still have no story info or even a title. But you can get what little info is available in the press release below. Read More »

Last night there was a minor furor when an LA Times profile of new Warner Bros. motion picture group president Jeff Robinov mentioned plans to release a Justice League film in 2013. There was little more than the title and the year — no other details. Now we’ve got just a bit more information, not least being a confirmation that, yes, a Justice League script is in development. And, in what might be bigger if not surprising news, there is confirmation that The Dark Knight Rises is an endpoint to Batman’s story as it currently exists on film, and WB will reboot the character afterward. Read More »

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With the imminent DVD release of Inception and the looming possibility of serious award season recognition for the film, Christopher Nolan is doing the press rounds one more time before diving into The Dark Knight Rises. And while he’s not talking very much about the third Batman film, he does sound quite ready to make it. And, as star Christian Bale is doing, he’s approaching it as the final chapter of a closed trilogy. His statement to that effect, along with a couple other tidbits, is after the break. Read More »

How The Dark Knight Went IMAX

I’ve said it before, and ’ll say it again – You haven’t seen The Dark Knight, unless you’ve seen it in IMAX. OVer 20 minutes of the film was shot with 70mm IMAX cameras, and the result is a cinematic experience like you’ve never seen before. But how did this all come together?

“It was always Chris [Nolan]’s idea, he’s wanted to shoot on IMAX for years,” producer Emma Thomas told us at The Dark Knight junket. “I mean a long long time, has been talking about doing this and then this, when we were talking about where to go with the sequel to Batman Begins and he really wanted to expand the world and make the film feel really huge and it just seemed like the right, finally we had the right project.”

Part of the preparation included a couple test shots on The Prestige, explained Emma Thomas: “We actually, on The Prestige shot, did a couple of shots with the IMAX camera just so that we could get a sense of what the issues were going to be

Nolan originally planned to shoot five of the scenes in IMAX but he kept increasing the use of the cameras through out the production.
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