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It took nearly a decade for Duncan Jones to create a follow-up to his stellar feature directorial debut, Moon. The quasi-sequel, Mute, landed on Netflix in 2018, but there won’t be another big gap between the second and third entries in his “Mooniverse”: Madi, the third part of this loose trilogy, arrives this November. But unlike the other two projects, Madi won’t be a movie – instead, it’s a graphic novel. In a new interview, Jones explains why a graphic novel is the best medium to tell this particular story, and gives fans a few hints about what to expect when it comes out later this year. Read More »

madi graphic novel

Duncan Jones will complete the trilogy he started with Moon and continued with Mute…in graphic novel form. Co-written with Alex De CampiMadi follows a “special-ops veteran whose attempt to survive one last mission ends up with her on the run across the world from everyone she’s ever known.” The graphic novel will be out in November, but Jones has given fans a sneak peek at the book via Kickstarter.

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Warcraft hit theaters back in 2016, and it didn’t arrive with much fanfare. The Legendary Pictures film only managed to get a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it only made $47 million domestically. Granted, the movie made another $386 million around the globe, but for a movie that cost around $160 million to make, that’s not exactly enough to warrant a major franchise. That’s unfortunate, because director Duncan Jones had a significant story arc planned for the video game movie series, and he recently talked about what we would have seen in a planned Warcraft movie trilogy. Read More »

david bowie biopic

The other day, we brought you news of a young David Bowie biopic in the works called Stardust. Now, Bowie’s son, filmmaker Duncan Jones, has weighed in, and he doesn’t seem very happy about it. As Jones tells it, the movie doesn’t have any rights to Bowie songs, which means it’ll be a David Bowie movie without David Bowie music. And honestly, does anyone want to see that?

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killer intent tv series

Duncan Jones will be directing his first TV series with an adaptation of the spy thriller Killer Intent. It’s a little out of the wheelhouse of the Moon director, who has mostly stuck with sci-fi and fantasy for most of his promising career — and sci-fi and fantasy movies at that. But after the lukewarm response to his cyberpunk Netflix film Mute, Jones may be trying something new by making his first venture into television.

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Rogue Trooper Movie

Moon and Mute director Duncan Jones teased last week that his next project would be a comic book movie. Immediately, fans began speculating which Marvel Studios or DC Extended Universe project the filmmaker might be taking on. But it appears they needed to look beyond the two biggest players in the comic book world for their answer.

Duncan Jones posted a homemade video to Twitter over the weekend featuring himself pondering what project to tackle next. He alludes to the possibility of something Marvel or DC related, even mentions the likes of Image Comics and Dark Horse. But we soon find that what tickles the fancy of Duncan Jones is something from the 2000 AD comic book world, where Judge Dredd resides. However, Jones doesn’t have his eyes on reviving Dredd, but instead he might be bringing Rogue Trooper to the big screen for the first time. Read More »

Duncan Jones Western

Netflix enabled Duncan Jones to finally make his passion project, Mute. Now the director is thinking about the future. In a new interview, the filmmaker expressed interest in helming a Western, but also cautions that getting financing for a Western these days isn’t easy. Maybe Netflix can help him out again? Are you ready for a Duncan Jones Western?

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Easter eggs are in nearly every movie these days — heck there’s a whole film coming out that’s one giant Easter egg — so you can’t blame a director for dropping in a reference to his most beloved movie.

Moon was the breakout directorial debut for Duncan Jones, winning him the attention of Hollywood and the ardor of sci-fi fans who quickly labelled the 2009 movie as a modern classic. Now, after dabbling in blockbuster studio filmmaking with Warcraft and Source Code, Jones has been given almost complete creative freedom by Netflix to pursue his longtime passion project, Mute. And some of that creative freedom goes to making a fun nod to his most beloved film.

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers for Moon and Mute.

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Writer-director Duncan Jones‘ new movie, Mute, has been a long time coming. “I’ve finally got this boulder up the hill,” he told us with a laugh and a sense of relief. The filmmaker behind MoonSource Code, and Warcraft originally envisioned his bleak, surprisingly old-school sci-fi mystery as his directorial debut, but the project faced its share of challenges over the years.

When you see the movie, it’s easy to understand why. Mute certainly isn’t a middle-of-the-road film or a story that plays it safe. The movie is a real nasty piece of work at times, but it’s also not without a sense of perverse fun and beauty. After sixteen years of Jones trying to get Mute made, the end result is a packed-to-the-brim science fiction noir that feels like it’s been waiting to be unleashed for a long time.

We recently spoke with Jones about the project’s history, his affinity for Blade Runner, twisting Paul Rudd’s nice guy image, and more.

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mute reviews

In 2009, Moon put Duncan Jones on the map as one of the most intriguing and promising new directors working today. His debut gave Jones the opportunity to direct the modestly received, star-studded Source Code and the poorly received, big-budget Warcraft. But most importantly, it paved the way for a passion project 16 years in the making. And thanks to Netflix, Jones finally was able to bring that passion project to life. But was it worth the wait?

Probably not, according to the early reviews of Mute, Jones’ glossy cyberpunk science-fiction film starring Alexander Skarsgard as a mute bartender waging war against future city gangsters.

See what critics have to say about Mute.

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