Need a reason to watch American Horror Story? Want to relive its many warped highs and sordid lows? Baffled that it has an audience at all?

Wherever you stand on Ryan Murphy‘s dopey, perverse slice of camp horror bliss, here’s another chance to experience the staggering amount of insane plot turns its second season shamelessly exposed the world to in every episode.

In 60 seconds.

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VIDEO: You Don’t Understand ‘Sucker Punch’

Editor’s Note: You likely know Adam Quigley thanks to his contributions to the /Filmcast, and for his occasionally argumentative stance on popular films. His most famously contrarian opinion may be the defense of Zack Snyder’s 2011 film Sucker Punch. So what better subject could there be for Adam’s first foray into breaking down a topic on video? We’ll have more video dissections from Adam in the future, but let’s begin with an examination of¬†Snyder’s movie — one that is occasionally as vitriolic as the film itself.¬†

You think Sucker Punch doesn’t have thematic substance. You think it doesn’t have character depth. You think it doesn’t have a single sensible thought in its pretty, dumb superficial body.

You’re wrong.

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