One of my interests outside of film has always been Magic (an art which I think goes hand in hand with the mastery of storytelling and incorporation of visual effects in films). In the past years there have been a wave of great magic documentaries — Make Believe (from the producers of King of Kong), The Magic Life, and Magic Camp (which I have yet to see, but have heard good things about).

When The Magic Happens is being produced by the team behind HBO’s Emmy-nominated doc Superheroes. It “follows the ups and downs of several world-class magicians who are making a living at the art they love.” The filmmakers have been given incredible access to The Magic Castle, an Los Angeles landmark which love (someday I hope to become a member). Their goal is only $30,000 and they have 22 days to reach it. If you pledge money, some of the rewards are very cool including a tour of the Magic Castle with Max Maven, a one-on-one magic lesson with Jon Armstrong, a trip to the film festival premiere and more.

Watch the trailer embedded after the jump, and help kickstart this documentary at this link.

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