Remember when Friends fans were panicking last year because it looks like the staple NBC sitcom would be removed from Netflix? The streaming service spent around $100 million to keep the exclusive licensing rights to stream the show through 2019. However, Netflix likely won’t be the exclusive streaming home to shows like Friends and The Office for much longer. That’s because the media companies behind them are starting their own streaming services, and Netflix might have to share the rights to some of their most popular shows. This could really shake up the streaming scene and end up being something either really bad for Netflix, or really unfortunate for new streaming services. Read More »

WarnerMedia - FilmStruck Replacement

Cinephiles were rather upset that WarnerMedia was shutting down the movie streaming subscription service FilmStruck, many of them prominent filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Edgar Wright, Barry Jenkins, Kathleen Kennedy, Christopher Nolan and more. But the media giant reassured movie lovers that they would have a new iteration of FilmStruck coming sometime in 2019, though it might not go by that name.

Now the first details have emerged on the FilmStruck replacement, which WarnerMedia is creating as a way of reaching back out to cordcutters who have turned away from the traditional cable and satellite television services. But will it offer the kind of movies that FilmStruck subscribers loved? Read More »

filmstruck saved

Could it be? There, in the distance…is that…a sliver of good news? In 2018? It is!

After WarnerMedia announced the imminent demise of movie subscription streaming service FilmStruck, a petition from fans and a pair of letters signed by dozens of high-profile filmmakers gained the attention of the powers that be. Now a new report says that a “new iteration” of FilmStruck will be coming to WarnerMedia’s new streaming service. But how long will we have to wait for it? Read More »