I’m pretty excited to have a look at the new trailer for the remastered re-release of Wake in Fright, directed by Ted Kotcheff (First Blood, Uncommon Valor). The thriller, about a British teacher who loses himself while stranded in the Australian outback, emerged from Australia in 1971 at the Cannes Film Festival, where it earned raves and began to amass a following of eager cinephiles. But the movie got only a minor release in the US (as Outback), and while Australian audiences have grown to know it as a classic, here in the States few people know of it. (I was lucky enough to be given the Australian DVD by a friend from Sydney a couple years back.)

Drafthouse Films is changing that this fall with a new 40th Anniversary release of the movie. If you’ve seen other Australian New Wave films and thought the country looked like a wild, strange place, this trailer and film will only enhance that notion. It’s a great look at a film that deserves a wider audience. Read More »