Is the ‘Eastern Promises’ Sequel Back On?

eastern promises sequel

David Cronenberg was originally going to shoot the Eastern Promises sequel towards the end of 2012. For undisclosed reasons, Focus Features pulled the plug on the film, which would’ve brought back Viggo MortensenVincent Cassel, and other actors from the excellent 2007 crime movie. Now, new details suggest the sequel might happen after all.

Below, learn more about the Eastern Promises sequel.

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MTV have had a chat with David Cronenberg and gotten the good stuff on his plans for an Eastern Promises sequel. You may recall the end of the first film, or you may not – to reveal it here would be a spoiler, so I’ve tucked it under the crease with – but you probably weren’t expecting a sequel either way.

According to MTV, Cronenberg and Viggo Mortenson will reteam with Steven Knight, the screenwriter; Paul Webster, the producer; and Focus Features. The current plan is for them to sit down together and discuss the way forward, though Cronenberg says he has “some very strong ideas” of his own about where the story should go.

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