We already knew Noomi Rapace was badass from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Prometheus and her Netflix films Bright and What Happened to Monday. Now she has to measure up to real life bodyguard Jacquie Davis, the inspiration for her fictional character in Close from writer/director Vicky Jewson.

Sam (Rapace) is a prominent bodyguard hired to protect Zoe (Sophie Nelisse), the daughter of a mining company executive. When a kidnapping attempt is made, Sam takes Zoe on the run, taking on all attackers while trying to uncover what Zoe’s parents are involved in.

Jewson’s previous feature was another female led action film, Born of War, but before that she made the romance Lady Godiva. Jewson spoke with /Film by phone this week about her approach to action and the next step in female-led action movies. Close is on Netflix Friday, January 18.

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close trailer

Netflix seems to be getting into the bodyguard business, with the BBC series Bodyguard becoming a small phenomenon and international star Noomi Rapace starring in the upcoming feature film about a female bodyguard, Close. Watch the Close trailer below.

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