Overlord - Standoff at Sparrow Creek - Hold the Dark - Fantstic Fest 2018 Recap

(Welcome to The Fantastic Fest Diaries, where we will be chronicling every single movie we see at the United States’ largest genre film festival.)

Welcome to Fantastic Fest, day three. In this diary entry: a well-intentioned horror comedy, a thrilling Indian tale of terror, the latest from Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier, Bad Robot’s Nazi zombie adventure, and a one hell of a promising debut.

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Tumbbad Review

While oceans may divide us, horror brings the haunts of countless upbringings together with harmonious understanding. Cry genre staleness? You’re not searching hard enough. Take India’s Tumbbad, a gorgeously unleashed tale of greed, pulsating womb chambers, and disgraced demon gods. As Joko Anwar’s Satan’s Slaves does for Indonesian representation in a James Wan paranormal scenario, Tumbbad sears char-blackened folklore into a supernatural bake that sizzles and steams and hardens over with a crispy bite.

Directors Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi, and Adesh Prasad lead viewers through three significant periods in a foolish-but-prospering man’s life, as cinematographer Pankaj Kumar prestigiously beautifies landscape-luscious visual photogenics in what might stand as the year’s most striking artistic display of catastrophic temptations of fate.

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