Ghostbusters - Kate McKinnon

Netflix’s big day of announcements just keeps on going. You can watch a bunch of their newly released teasers here and here. Now, let’s talk about the third-season premiere date for Grace and Frankie; the third-season renewal for Judd Apatow‘s Love and the second-season renewal for Travelers; the first-look photos for 13 Reasons Why; and the pitch-perfect casting of Kate McKinnon as Mrs. Frizzle in Magic School Bus Rides AgainRead More »

travelers trailer

Last week Netflix unveiled their new sci-fi series, The OA. This week, they’re giving their customers another sci-fi series, titled Travelers, a time travel show from the co-creator of Stargate SG-1 and creator of Stargate: Atlantis, Brad Wright. Wright’s new project stars Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) as an FBI special agent who leads a team of “travelers” from the future.

Below, watch the Travelers trailer.

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