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If you’re looking for a vampire movie to help wipe away the embarrassing display of inanity that came with last year’s Twilight, look no further. This bizarre Swedish horror tale of love and revenge ranked #6 on my top ten favorite films of 2008, and I’m clearly not the only one who believes it’s deserving of such praise. It may not be the first film to offer its own unique twist on the vampire genre, but it’s easily one of the best, providing an intimate and compelling study of its two young characters while always making sure the heart-stopping moments are never too far away. Rest assured, there are scenes in this movie that will stick with you for weeks to come.
Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: Deleted scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, and a poster gallery.

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$18.99 $19.99
Amazon – $18.99

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Reader Forum: Why Do You Read End-of-Year Top 10 Lists?

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a webmaster for a fellow movie website who was voicing his distaste for lists that featured “Top 2008” movies drastically different from what other critics picked. To him, these types of lists smacked of opportunism and a crass desire to be different for the sake of being different. At the time, I agreed with him. In fact, when I heard Filmspotting give their top 10 movies of 2008 (This is a great episode of an always-great podcast and I highly recommend you give it a download. Full disclosure: I make an appearance in voicemail form to defend Slumdog Millionaire), I was struck by how Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune derogatorily explained that 2008 was overall a lackluster year for movies, then proceeded to list 10 movies that most of the moviegoing public hasn’t had a chance to see yet (i.e. some were films he saw in 2007 at festivals like Cannes). On a visceral level, such lists are frustrating because they perpetuate the idea that the critic knows better than the lay filmgoer (if there is such a thing). The choices sound pretentious because they imply access to a whole slate of films that the are inaccessible to the general public. But upon further consideration, I think it’s safe to say that while there are some critics who create these lists purely out of a spirit of contrarianism, more often than not, we’re just demonstrating our idiosyncrasies as film critics/reviewers.

This Monday night, the /Film podcast is going run through our favorite movies of 2008. It’s a fun tradition, and one that actually got us started talking about movies together in the first place. But this year, the tenor of conversation surrounding critics’ lists seems to me more poisonous than in years past. Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room, of course: Most web readers are essentially evaluating lists based on two criteria: 1) Does it have The Dark Knight on it? and 2) how high is The Dark Knight on the list? If the answer to both these questions is favorable, lavish praise will follow. The absence of Nolan’s film on lists will invite obscene insults of the strongest caliber.

But this led me to wonder: Why exactly do people read these lists anyway?

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In this episode of the /Filmcast, Dave, Peter, Devindra, and Adam weigh in on the Planet of the Apes prequel, discuss their lack of enthusiasm for Milk, and praise the latent talent of Keanu Reeves. Chris and Jimmy from the enormously popular Scene Unseen podcast join us to deliver their movie review stylings for Australia.

Make sure to tune in next week for our special Wire-themed episode! You can reach the /Filmcast by e-mail or by phone (781-583-1993) with questions, comments, suggestions, praise, and complaints.

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Movie Review: Transporter 3

What is it about Jason Statham that continues to make men and women alike into Statham apologists, regardless of how crappy his films get? I first remember enjoying Statham in his wise-cracking role in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and have since seen him transformed into an unlikely action hero. Statham’s role choices haven’t been great (e.g.War, The One, Death Race, etc.) but he always manages to embody an everyman quality that is relatable for men and irresistable for women. Additionally, his formidable charisma seems to constantly be crying out that, as an actor, he is better than these roles, that maybe he’s choosing them for fun and not because he has to.

The Transporter series of films represents Statham at his best but also at his most inconsequential. In these films we see Statham as a completely competent actor who can convincingly perform action scenes, but who never quite reaches respectability due to threadbare scripts and ridiculous set pieces. The first two Transporter films were low-budget mindless fun, each one grossing a tidy profit. Is the third one an enjoyable romp too? Or does it suck all the fun out of its basic premise?

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New Transporter 3 Photos

/Film reader Christopher M sent over some new photos from Transporter 3.

More after the jump.

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Check out some new international movie posters for Max Payne, Transporter 3 and Baz Luhrmann’s Australia.

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Transporter 3 French Teaser Trailer

Transporter 3

Lionsgate released the first international (French) teaser trailer for Transporter 3. Jason Statham is back as Frank Martin, a professional “transporter” who has relocated to Paris to continue his low-key business of delivering packages without questions. Louis Leterrier opted to direct The Incredible Hulk instead of the third film, so French filmmaker and former graffiti artist Olivier Megaton (Second unit director for the Luc Besson produced Hitman) has attempted to fill his shoes. Robert Knepper, who you might know from Prison Break, appears as a villain. Judging from the intense teaser trailer, which looked like a mix of Transporter, Speed and Crank, we’re in for another kick ass action film. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

[flv: 470 238]

Watch the new teaser in High Definition on Transporter 3 will hit theaters on November 26th 2008.

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Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Indiana Jones 4 Poster

A new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull poster has shown up on pipocacombo.

Patrick Swayze will be asked back to reprise the role of ‘Bodhi’ in the recently announced Point Break 2. [Moviehole]

Hellboy banners

Three new American character banners for Hellboy II: The Golden Party have appeared online. [Empire]

Katie Holmes will make her Broadway debut in Arthur Miller’s play, All My Sons. [justjared]

LOST star Matthew Fox has been sworn to secrecy as he’s the only castmember who knows how the series will end. [CinemaBlend]


Shock has a first look at photos from Dario Argento‘s latest horror-thriller Giallo starring Adrien Brody and Emmanuelle Seigner.

Comic book legend Stan Lee enters anime and manga market with new superhero stories written for Japanese audience. [japantimes]

The Boston Globe
is reporting that film score composer John Williams is working on “soundtracks for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” “Jurassic Park IV,” and “Superman: Man of Steel” all scheduled for his touch.”

Transporter 3 billboard

JoBlo has a photo of the Transporter 3 billboard at Cannes.

Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, Jean Smart and M. Emmet Walsh have joined Michael Cera in “Youth in Revolt,” the Miguel Arteta-directed comedy for Dimension Films. [Variety] boasts the first shots of the upcoming mobile edition of the WALL-E video game.

Rejects counts down the Ten Most Memorable Indiana Jones Moments.

Danny Dyer and Mischa Barton are set to star in a deranged spin on Alice in Wonderland entitled Malice in Wonderland. [shock]

Phoenix Pictures has picked up the movie rights to John Grisham‘s best-selling novel Playing for Pizza, about a washed-up NFL quarterback who finds a new perspective on life and a love for all things Italian when his agent lands him a deal to play with a semi-professional team in Parma, Italy. [THR]

Watch 5 minutes of footage from the Ghostbusters video game on Kotaku.

Star Trek Truck

Someone is selling the truck from Star Trek IV for $5,595. [trekmovie]

A reader sent over a NSFW photoshop of the WALL-E poster. Click here to see it.

Cinematical takes a look back at the Foreign movie posters of Indiana Jones.

The Weinstein Company will produce Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist in a big-budget adaptation directed by Hollywood star Laurence Fishburne. [reuters]

Hellboy 2 Dog

Guillermo del Toro was forced to drop a three-headed dog from Hellboy II: The Golden Army. The photo above shows the concept. [io9]

YouTube has a a new behind the scenes promo for Heroes: Season 3.

Indiana Jones is now on Twitter.

Jason Statham Returns for Transporter 3

Transporter 3

Jason Statham will return as Frank Martin, for the third installment of the Transporter series. Variety reports that Francois Berleand (The Transporter) and Robert Knepper (Prison Break) have also been cast. Transporter 3 will shoot for 16 weeks in Russia and France.

Now for the bad news… Louis Leterrier, who helmed the first two films and is in post-production on The Incredible Hulk has been replaced by Olivier Megaton. So basically, they are replacing the guy who made The Transporter with the guy who was a second unit director on Hitman. Yeah, doesn’t sound good.

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