spawn reboot Michael Jai White

Todd McFarlane has been talking about a Spawn reboot movie since at least 2007, and eventually, Blumhouse got involved – but nothing has materialized. Even after announcing that both Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner would both appear in the reboot, there’s been almost no real movement on the project. It’s gotten to the point where McFarlane’s Spawn reboot feels like a weird, sick joke – something he keeps talking about even though we all know it’ll never happen. Now, original Spawn star Michael Jai White has weighed in with the following message: “Okay, good luck with that!”

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Avengers: Endgame Concept Art - Giant Ants

Want to see how to make your own detailed cardboard sculptures of superheroes? What can we expect from Giancarlo Esposito in the second season of The Boys? How did Jeph Loeb reportedly ruin Nobu‘s story arc in Daredevil? Did Brett Ratner mislead Vinnie Jones about the size of Juggernaut‘s role in X-Men: The Last Stand? What’s the latest in Ray Fisher‘s accusations against Joss Whedon? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Todd McFarlane documentary trailer

It takes a certain combination of determination, hard work, and talent to become a luminary in two separate fields, but Todd McFarlane has done it. The comic book creator and toy guru was one of the most lauded comic book artists of the 1990s, wowing readers with his work on Marvel’s The Amazing Spider-Man and launching his own title, Spawn, under Image Comics, which he helped found. He’s experienced some highs and lows since then, and a Todd McFarlane documentary is set to chronicle it all on SYFY this Saturday night. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

Spawn movie update

It’s been several months since we’ve gotten a Spawn movie update, but now Spawn creator and would-be film director Todd McFarlane has indicated that the project has hit a snag.  Read More »

spawn reboot no joy

Finally, someone is going to be brave enough to make a dark and gritty superhero movie. Todd McFarlane has been teasing a Spawn reboot for years, and he’s teamed with Blumhouse to make it a reality. McFarlane has spoken frequently about what he’s hoping to achieve with this new film – an R-rated horror-movie vibe that’s far removed from the terrible 1997 Spawn movie. Now, McFarlane has added even more detail by claiming this new film is going to be both “dark” and “ugly.” And that’s not all! The movie will also be completely free of joy. Sounds fun!

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Venom criticism

Venom was a huge hit, but critics really did not like the movie. According to Todd McFarlane, one of the creators of the character, that’s not the movie’s fault. McFarlane says that movie critics are too old, and that they needed to unleash their inner 16-year-olds to truly enjoy the story of a giant goo monster who bites off heads. In summation, if all movie critics were 16, there would be no negative Venom criticism.

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spawn reboot make-up

The Spawn reboot continues to move forward, lining up a considerable roster of talent. The latest addition: Greg Nicotero, the special make-up effects guru who has worked on many genre projects, including The Walking DeadKill BillSin City, and, appropriately enough, the 1997 Spawn movie. Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is set to helm the new Spawn film, with Blumhouse producing.

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Spawn cast Jeremy Renner

That Spawn remake continues to be a real thing, and it’s racking up quite the cast. Jamie Foxx has already landed the lead role, and now Jeremy Renner is joining the film as well. Renner will play Detective “Twitch” Williams.

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Spawn Venom movie crossover

In a new interview, comics legend Todd McFarlane explains his belief that a Spawn and Venom crossover movie might happen one day, and he’s already angling to direct it. We’ll get into the likelihood of that in just a second, and also try to figure out how the trailer for the upcoming Venom solo movie has somehow shattered the record of YouTube views for any Spider-Man movie. Get a breakdown of the numbers below. Read More »

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Spawn Reboot Cast

That long-gestating Spawn reboot is finally happening, and it’s found its lead: Jamie Foxx. Foxx will star as Al Simmons, a CIA black ops member who dies and ends up in Hell, only to be sent back to earth as a demonic warrior. Spawn comic creator Todd McFarlane is helming the film.

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