from a buick 8 movie director

Back in 2019, word broke that actor Thomas Jane and Courtney Lauren Penn were forming the production company Renegade Entertainment and that their first project would be an adaptation of Stephen King‘s From a Buick 8. Since then, however, we haven’t heard much about the project. While appearing on the Stephen King-themed podcast The Kingcast, Jane offered up some new info on the project. Specifically, he revealed that Cold in July and In the Shadow of the Moon director Jim Mickle had been tapped to helm the movie.

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the vanished trailer

Thomas Jane and Anne Heche are a real-life couple who have worked together before, last starring in the HBO series Hung, which ran from 2009 to 2011, as a divorced couple. And they team up together again to play parents of a kidnapped daughter in The Vanished. Watch The Vanished trailer below.

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Thomas Jane has three Stephen King adaptations under his belt already: Dreamcatcher, The Mist and 1922. Now, he’s ready to add another. Jane has teamed with producer Courtney Lauren Penn to form the content company Renegade Entertainment, and their first project is an adaptation of King’s From a Buick 8. A From a Buick 8 movie was announced last year, set up at Hyde Park Entertainment, but that’s no longer the case.

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the predator clip

The Predator is set to introduce an all-new model of Predator — the Ultimate Predator, as it’s been dubbed. And 20th Century Fox’s marketing is leaning heavily around the Ultimate Predator, releasing a new The Predator clip and TV spot that highlight its dangerous powers.

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the predator box office

Things are looking up for The Predator. Despite some so-so reviews and a general controversy surrounding the film, Shane Black‘s sequel is on track to rake in more dough in its opening weekend than all the previous Predator films. More on The Predator box office below.

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The Predator TV Spot

The Predator hits theaters in a little over a week. Obviously the star of the movie is the galaxy’s notorious hunter who has no problem taking down humans on Earth, especially after they’ve been responsible for killing a handful of their kind. But the human stars deserve some attention too, especially since they’re our last line of defense against these creatures.

A new The Predator TV spot has arrived with a special focus on introducing the group of soldiers who end up squaring off with not only the kind of Predator that we’re used to seeing on the big screen, but also the new Ultimate Predator. What’s a little odd is that this is a grindhouse style intro that plays up the laughs and lighter side of this sci-fi action adventure. You’ll see what I mean when you watch below. Read More »

the predator trailer

20th Century Fox has dropped the final trailer for The Predator, and it’s the most action-packed yet. But get ready to take your action with a heavy dose of humor, as this latest trailer seems to lean into director Shane Black‘s signature dark comedy.

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The Predator Comic-Con

At San Diego Comic-Con, director Shane Black brought a new sneak peek of the latest entry in the Predator franchise that he was part of all the way back in the 1980s. But rather than slinging some inappropriate jokes in the jungle as a supporting star, this time he’s behind the camera for The Predator, bringing the galaxy’s most dangerous hunter to a new generation of audiences. So is The Predator up to the task of slaying in 2018? We attended The Predator Comic-Con 2018 panel in Hall H to find out. Read More »

The Predator Trailer

Shane Black hopes to breathe new life into the stagnant Predator franchise with The Predator, the latest continuation in the series that started back in 1987. The new Predator trailer gives us a better look at the action and alien-based horror to come. Does this new trailer improve on the somewhat lackluster first trailer? See for yourself below.

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predator trailer new

After appearing in a supporting role in director John McTiernan’s 1987 action classic Predator, Shane Black has returned to the franchise as a writer/director with The Predator, his new reinvention of the sci-fi saga. 20th Century Fox has just released the first trailer, and you can check it out below.
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