the unholy review

In the 1990s, folks beginning to discover the internet also came across “internet screamers.” These were jump-scare-laden pranks that took the shape of videos or sometimes games. The set-up was almost always the same: you’d be instructed to turn your computer volume up before watching a video, and the video would start off utterly benign and innocuous – something resembling a car commercial, for example.

And just when you were beginning to wonder what the point of the video was, BAM!!, something (usually some type of ghoulish face) would suddenly pop onto the screen with a loud, blaring noise and make you fall out of your chair. These videos were cheap, deceptive, and ultimately effective – they weren’t scary, but they were startling. They also seem to have inspired an entire subgenre of studio horror film – the type of movie where there are no real scares save for the occasional ghoul face slamming into the camera. The latest entry in this internet screamers subgenre is The Unholy, a subpar religious horror flick that has the makings of something better.

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The Unholy Trailer

While many Sam Raimi fans are eager to see what the filmmaker can do in the comic book realm again with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, others may be happier to see him producing a new horror film from Sony Pictures.

The Unholy follows Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead, Watchmen) as a journalist investigating a story about a young deaf girl who was suddenly able to hear after allegedly being visited by the Virgin Mary. However, the supposed miracle may actually be a sign of something more sinister lingering beneath the surface. Watch The Unholy trailer below to find out more. Read More »