Henry Selick‘s stop-motion animation Shademaker hit a massive roadblock last year when Disney backed out of the project, but happily it turned out not to be dead so much as stalled. K5 International got things going again this week when it decided to back the project (now titled The Shadow King) and bring it to the European Film Market.

Today, we have a first look at the new feature in the form of a sales poster for EFM. In addition, we have some info on the promising cast, which will include Jeffrey TamborBrendan Gleeson, and Catherine O’Hara. Hit the jump for more.

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Last year we got the disappointing news that Henry Selick‘s next stop-motion animated film had been canceled by Disney. But there’s good news: the film has come back to life, via a new producer and financier. The picture is now called The Shadow King, and it follows a boy who learns to create shadows that become a crucial weapon in a war against a monster that threatens the boy’s family, and all of New York.

Better yet, Selick doesn’t have to start from scratch. The work and early production done under Disney are still being used, which means we might see The Shadow King sooner rather than later.

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