Director Jon Chu is loading up the cast for next summer’s G.I. Joe 2. He’s bringing back Channing Tatum as Duke, we heard that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will be playing Roadblock and now D.J. Cotrona is in negotiations to play Flint and The RZA will play the man who trained Snake Eyes, the Blind Master. Read more after the jump. Read More »

I’d love to recap the meetings that got Universal to write a check to the RZA to the tune of twenty million bucks so the music producer turned actor turned sapling green director could go to China and make a kung-fu movie. Did he fill the boardroom with mind-altering gas, a la the ’60s Batman TV series, or what?

Regardless, the RZA is now in China shooting The Man With the Iron Fist, and his producer/co-writer/advisor Eli Roth is along for the ride. Read More »

Paul Haggis Hires Three For His Pic The Next Three Days


It’s difficult for me to get very excited for a new Paul Haggis directorial project. The stain of Crash stays with me. But The Next Three Days could be interesting. It’s a remake of a 2008 French film Pour Elle by Fred Cavaye about a couple that has some problems when the woman is imprisoned for a murder she says she didn’t commit. Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks are the headliners, but three more have just been added to the cast. Read More »

One is the feted composer of films like True Romance and The Dark Knight, the other is the leader of the Wu-Tang Clan and a killer composer in his own right (Ghost Dog, Kill Bill). What do they both have in common? They both made appearances on the latest Slashfilm Muxtape! And in yet another example of the /Film Effect, Zimmer and the RZA have combined their magic to score Vin Diesel‘s Babylon A.D., the sci-fi chaser opening late August that has taken forever to get released. Here’s what the guy also known as Bob Digi told an alt newspaper

“The RZA’s team and Hans Zimmer’s team have combined to create a hybrid kind of score for this movie that’s based in the future. So I think it’s going to be a good vibe for the audience out there, and it’s a good movie anyway – a very thought-provoking movie,” said The RZA (who got away with a lil’ third-person, but he’s The RZA, so hey!) 

And add one more name to the film’s composer pot, Shavo Odadjian, the bassist for System of a Down aka “kids these days, I’ll tell ya.” That seems like a lot of effort/talent for a movie that hasn’t exactly put Geekdom on drool alert. RZA added that Tarantino has been holed up like a squirrel for many months—working on Inglorious Bastards, probs—and that he still mentions doing something more with Kill Bill, but, like a girl who leaves ya hangin’ on the phone, we all know how that goes.

Discuss: Where is Babylon A.D. on your radar? Anticipating the score? What’s your fave work by Zimmer/RZA?

via Pitchfork/Playlist